Man kills 3 people, the survivor said “remember my face for my revenge”

August 15, 2003, Hangzhou Zhijiang a villa in the Garden District, Hangzhou City, there was a shocking murder. Villa a 3-person is killed, the only survivor is a 16 year old girl.

Last year, Yu Haimin suspects caught by the police in Zhuji. From crime suspects were arrested and, after 13 years, when the surviving girl, now 30 years old.

This morning, the Hangzhou City intermediate people’s Court in a public hearing of the murder.

Court, the families of the victims more agitated, a judge in a Court asked the victim’s family to control their mood.

Trial, suspects Yu Haimin account of events.

On August 14, 2013 at 7 o’clock, cool wind blowing in the face of the river. Yu Haimin, as usual, carrying in his pocket a knife about seven or eight centimeters, red plastic handle knife, walking along the Wen Tao road in Riverside.

When going to River Garden Villa area, it’s late.

Yu Haimin said he saw the family very luxurious, and see a hole in the fence, people went like I was evil, “had never had such thoughts. ”

Began as a lawn in front of the Villa sitting, continue to smoke, then produced a wicked idea, want to go steal something.

Did not pry open the first door, “I thought luxury villas security good. ”

The second door can’t open, Yu Haimin back on the grass, then smoked and ready to give up.

Finished her cigarette and feel unwilling, so he took his pocket knife to pry pry. As a result, the prize went in.

At the edge of cigarettes, smoke a, drink a listen. Then went up the attic, sat smoking a cigarette on the ground.

After the stay, Yu Haimin downstairs den sit for a long time. East look West and see a cell phone, “my phone was broken, walked into his own pocket. ”

Subsequently, Yu Haimin touch into the next room, and later learned this is nanny’s room.

“When I entered, brains are still sober, is secretly climb. “Yu Haimin said he climbed inside, first felt the pants out, flipped it nothing, and put back in place pants.

At this time, the baby-sitter awoke and jumped up from the bed, shouting: “stop the thief!! ”

“It was black, spaced out, is a bit light, she caught me, we began to scuffle. “The scuffle, Yu Haimin directly descended on the fruit knife out of his pocket,” which I was drawing a blank, just cannot let this out, so I poke into people, a voice I’ll poke. ”

“Brother, don’t kill me, don’t kill me. ”

Just when Yu Haimin mad, a 66-year old little girl woke her up.

This is the only surviving girl in the entire case.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna kill you” when Yu Haimin have calmed down.

Little girl asked him why he went to her house, Yu Haimin made up a lie and said his girlfriend had leukemia, lack of money, “red light is visible in your family, I want to come in and get some money. ”

“I don’t, as long as the money, can you help me to get the money? ”

So the young girl Yu Haimin brought to the study of the safe side, but will not open, do not open it with with a kitchen knife.

Dawn, Yu Haimin gave up and turned to the little girl said, “I’m going to go, remember my face for me to revenge. You don’t go upstairs, go straight to the guard report. ”

At this point, Yu Haimin have killed 3 people, the nanny of the girl and her three-year old sister, nearly eight years with her maternal grandmother.

After the incident, Yu Haimin returned to the site, threw the knife on the way into the site on the edge of the River, “along the way only a few selling breakfast, they don’t pay attention to me, nor cared about me. ”

Back to the site it is a bit light, Yu Haimin ran to the bathroom and took a shower, and went to work.

Clothes after a day or two, put it in the bucket, while the night threw it into the river.

A week after the incident, leaving Hangzhou Yu Haimin, first to Shanghai, to go to work in Xinjiang to work again for the second year.

Dodge, fearful, and spent 13 years, until last year a common security disputes in Zhuji, DNA was collected by local public security, were eventually caught.

Prosecutor: why not surrender this 14-year period?

Defendants: children and the elderly, parents are face-saving people in my family, I can’t talk about it.

Prosecutor: it has been done, any ideas?

Defendant: this thing is no regret medicine, this is also great for my own conscience!

Counsel to appear in court for questioning the many details about the investigation of police, including all traces of extraction, the extraction of blood, noticed the corner why damaged, witness how and why an inquest report did not witness signature, questioned the details, think the inquest evidence was not sufficiently detailed, does not comply with the relevant legal requirements.

Prosecutors produce evidence autopsy reports said Peng of the deceased (the nanny) wounds on the reach above 35, visible when the assailant stabbed the killer stabbed by knives, Shen of the deceased was killed at the age of 78, and other important site wounds are very deep in the neck, the dead von under 4 years old, who wound up 16 per cent, especially in vital parts of the neck 11.

Current trials in the cross-examination of evidence stage, debate has not yet commenced.

Defenders will be for the prosecution to submit transcripts of evidence, such as procedural legality, objectivity, disputes, and whether the defendant premeditated crime is also a spur looting defended.

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