Man killed woman was found dumped in different places after resisting arrest after hitting a police car

(Original title: man killed resisting arrest after the woman was found dumped in different places after hitting police car)

A few days ago, zhangqiu Jinan throw police quickly uncovered a murder case. Suspect after woman killed in linyi, drove the carcass to zhangqiu in the wheat field near abandoned.

Woman crime in wheat fields in Jinan, linyi

On April 9 at about 7 o’clock in the morning, zhangqiu Jinan duo Zhuang village police said road 244 duo Zhuang town, village, about 500 meters South of the Bridge Road, East of the fields found inside a woman’s body.

Police police on scene investigation analysis immediately after, upon preliminary examination finds that the woman was killed, zhangqiu precinct immediately deployed elite forces, the establishment of “4.9” case project, and report to the Public Security Bureau in Jinan City, Jinan City Public Security Bureau detachment, the investigative team also dispatched officers to carry out case work in a timely manner. After a lot of investigation work, determine the place found body was not the scene of the crime, but suspect a crime in body locations.

Discovered in yishui County suspect car

Project active investigation on the one hand, find the identities of the dead and police investigation touching on the Organization row.
After two days of painstaking work, found a no sedan black Car is strongly suspected, suspects came to the surface.

Determined after the suspects ‘ whereabouts, Public Security Bureau police detachment, zhangqiu, Jinan City Branch of Interpol police station and the police traveling in many directions to linyi, yishui immediately. Yishui in fatigue all civilian police to overcome the geographic situation is not ripe, night operations difficult, after a night of careful work, and finally in the 11th at 6 o’clock in the morning found suspect Katie black BYD’s F3 sedan.

Crazy hit a police car to escape

Reporters learned that arrest process, suspects Lee fight, once driving a car crazy hit civilian vehicles, intended to flee. Catching the police have tried, and finally Katie captured after the suspect vehicle was intercepted.

Trial, suspects Lee of pingyi County, linyi city people, for intentional injuries caused by driving after the death of the victims body to zhangqiu confessed the crime, at present, the suspects have been detained and the case is under further investigation.

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