Man exploit the system spend 1 cent charge 300 yuan calls for trial

Marshal for Wang to show evidence of the accused. Yesterday morning, the alleged crime of destroying computerized information system, Wang tried in court. Beijing News reporter Liu photography

The Beijing News (reporters Liu Yang) spend 1 cent charge 300 yuan for, damage a profit of 60,000 yuan … … Number, using the public site vulnerability, flowers can charge 300 yuan for 1 cent, “hacker” Wang has stolen credit or recharging more with less, totaling tens of thousands of Yuan, he was accused of crime of destroying computerized information system in the Chaoyang Court. In court, Wang said he is “stealing calls”, but not a damaged computer systems.

Man charged with “prepaid money”

According to prosecution organ of prosecution, last year April, King a through software operation increased computer command, using, Chaoyang District, Beijing billion beauty soft pass technology limited products “to Rob” (offers generation paid phone calls and phone flow of service public,) of vulnerability, to each single paid 0.01 Yuan for value 300 yuan of calls recharge, times profit, caused Beijing billion beauty soft pass technology limited economic loss 9000 Yuan.

In addition, Wang also last May, increasing computer through software commands, use easy wheat electronic technology limited “365” Web site vulnerability of computer information system, destroy their company computer information systems, causing a total of Beijing e-MAK e-commerce limited losses of more than 60,000 yuan, the amount of the loss as well as Wang for personal gain.

On May 30 last year, Wang arrested. Prosecution prosecution believes that Wang’s crime of destroying computerized information system should be held accountable criminally responsible.

Software designed to pick up the “loophole”

How crime, Wang said, he obtained by users of a software, and was told that this software can be used “to Rob” vulnerability of prepaid airtime. Identified themselves in the use of this software, just register a mobile phone number, can charge 300 yuan for 1 penny.

Wang said the software reminds its “curiosity”, so a lot for myself and my friends to purchase airtime, with extra charges on the online store to buy a computer and a mobile phone.

But according to Wang earlier confessions, he claims he is inadvertently put a group, this group often which Web site can charge rates, or lead content, software whose modus operandi is to download in this group, but Wang later said, the Group has now disbanded.

Not in court judgments in the case.


Defendants tried just theft

Beijing News reporter, born in 1985, Wang has only received junior middle school education. Wang was brought into the courtroom yesterday wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt, wearing black-rimmed glasses, a pair of “IT boy” look.

“I stole some airtime should be theft, I have no ability nor to damage computer systems”, during the trial, Wang has repeatedly said does not endorse the prosecution allegations of crime and offences, has repeatedly stressed that he is stealing charges.

Wang why insisted he made the theft, rather than prosecutors alleged crime of destroying the computer system? Beijing News reporter learned that large differences in sentencing convicted of both.

According to a professional lawyer, guilty of destroying computer system of sentencing for up to five years ‘ imprisonment or criminal detention; the consequences of particularly serious, imprisonment of at least five years. Theft, theft of public or private property, a large amount, or repeated theft, household burglary, carrying a dangerous weapon theft, pickpocketing, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance, or be fined.

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