Man cemetery urn implementation of extortion theft arrest

New year’s Eve last year, a man imitate network segments, Fengxian district, into a cemetery within the URN stolen in the two graves, then to cemetery staff 2 million extortion, extortion to tomb of relatives of 1.5 million Yuan.

On March 15 this year, Xu Fengxian district people’s Procuratorate on suspicion of extortion to criminal suspects (not his real name) approved the arrest.

Earlier this year Xu online by accident someone stolen urn cemetery, cemetery officials threatened to, then closed in recent years, Xu on his 4-year-olds need to see a doctor in need of money, and had imitated mind.

January 8, at 7 o’clock in the evening, Xu in accordance with their own searches on the Internet well in advance of the cemetery, around a circle, found a small iron door unlocked, he was walking in the dark, after walking into a pond on the edge of, one by one to find which Tomb lids is active, and then use the screwdriver to pry the grave prepared to open, take out the casket. Then pry the few graves. Holding URN is too heavy for Xu, stolen urn will be placed into the empty tomb and left.

After returning to the hotel, Xu Liang bought a cell phone from the Internet, and find cemetery contact phone number on the Internet, said texting, head for the cemetery, his prize a total of five graves, if don’t want families to know, give their money 20,000 yuan and bought from the Internet bank card number issued to each other. A few days later, Xu did not receive remittances, feel like money, Xu from Suzhou to Shanghai.

After Shanghai, Xu old tricks, Fengxian, he selected a cemetery of the Gulf as a target. For foolproof, Xu first came to dot the cemetery, cemetery North Gate has two adjacent grave found very luxurious, decided after the target, Xu asked a cleaning the cemetery staff call for future blackmail. Chose new year’s Eve carries out theft, Xu was like, new year’s Eve firecrackers can cover up their prized tomb of sound.

On January 27, the new year’s Eve, think everything is Xu, the car came to the Fengxian Bay, first at a gas station near the hardware store and I bought a screwdriver and a hammer and bought clothes and linen gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Xu from the North Gate to the graveyard, and has been hiding in a nearby toilet. Until 7 o’clock in the evening, Xu heard firecrackers out in droves, just come back from the toilet.

Xu find identify well in advance of the Tomb, Tomb cracked open with a hammer after the cover, remove the URN, ashes bag inside out with a plastic bag, and put them in his black bag, and Tomb of the casket into the pond. Pick one of the Tomb, and because of the grave blanket is too heavy, Xu injured his left hand on the blood flow to the Tomb door.

Steal the good after the ashes, Xu returned to his hotel overnight. According to the tombstone that his tomb before Zhang ran a company, online business phone, buy cell phone linked to the Zhang family, and to extort 1.5 million Yuan. Meanwhile, Xu Liang from the cleaning staff to call and a cemetery owner each repatriates 1 million Yuan. Dealing with the parties a few days later, Xu was unable to get the money within a few days, and instrumentalities to leave the ashes at the front desk of the hotel, left home for the new year.

Cemetery after the alarm, the head of the Bay, police targeting suspects soon Xu and Xu arrested, Weifang, Shandong.

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