Man arrested after gun-related killings fled 23 years married renamed open rental living

CCTV news clients, April 19, Xinhua learned from the Public Security Bureau in yangquan city, Shanxi province, and local police have successfully captured a murder fugitive fled 23 years of the provinces. According to reports, the suspect has drunken gun-related killings, now married and drives a taxi for a living.

On April 14, 2017, the outskirts of yangquan City Public Security Bureau branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade received the Guazhou County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province, the Public Security Bureau (formerly Anxi County Public Security Bureau) letter of assist the Criminal Investigation Brigade, called for a investigation in Lu yinying coal mine on the ground, its likely murder fugitives wanted for the Internet. Lu an external investigation, police immediately.

The investigation, Lu in online King of the yinying coal mine in 2011, a married settlement here, in 2012 and buy a Chevrolet car engaged in individual rent ever since. Lu claims to be aligned in Xinjiang County, in Wenzhou worked, but the holidays have never been home, never told her story to others.

In view of its flight for many years, and may have been bleaching capacity, as a precautionary, the Scouts will be Lu’s related material sent to the Gansu Jiuquan municipal Public Security Bureau on the. Through DNA matching, finds Reed in a true Internet fugitive wanted in Anxi County, Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau. Then, the Criminal Investigation Brigade scouts take the nets have been supervised, and monitoring measures such as waiting for an arrest. 2:30 P.M. April 18, 2017, the police will step in as a successful capture.

Identify suspect Lim (LU a pseudonym, Anxi County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province people) in the afternoon of March 28, 1994, drinking a homemade shotgun in the village of Anxi County, Jiuquan city, Gansu province of nancha Xiang Qi Shi killed, three teams will, after the fugitive. On December 20, 1996, the prisoners were classified as provincial Governor to catch fugitives.

Currently, any of the suspects detained on suspicion of murder on April 18, 2017.

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