Lovelorn woman drunk climbed 18 floor rooftop suicide 5 years Police rescued 152 seconds

Angolan online May 2 hearing, according to Anhui daily messages 51 during May Day holiday, Hefei public security police law enforcement on the recorder to record a thrilling rescue picture of life and death. 2:32 April 29, Lakeview station inspection control of 51 civilian police Chai Furen up provincial international trade apartment, an 18-story building, one woman at the roof edge tilt back, only 152 seconds for the whole rescue process. On May 1, the memories that pulled the woman’s “life and death for a second” Chai Furen still cannot calm: fall, dragged the woman’s moment was her body is out of control, if not to make every effort, they are women with floor.

18-storey sky woman to suicide

April 29 at 2 o’clock, traders apartments, town of Ma On Shan Road not far from the entrance of a 18-story cries coming from upstairs, the roof of a woman out of the roof’s edge, accompanied by cries of despair, her legs hanging rock. Residents go upstairs to spy, found the women separated from the roof edge with no guardrails, woman is unstable, that could fall at any moment. Lakeview at the police station rushed to the jurisdiction, some residents said women at the top edge has been sitting for a long time. “Auxiliary police officers and I went downstairs, he heard the woman cries at the top of the, woman says she is about to jump off. “That night, Chai Furen inspection control of the 51 civilian police upon seeing the police enforcement recorder before opening the chest and rushed into the elevator. Less than half a minute, lift 18, Chai Furen out of the elevator doors, quickly pick up a small flight of stairs and touched down on the roof. “You don’t come, you are nothing to do with me, holding me back. “Chai Furen just God, kneeling in that woman turned on the edge of the roof, to forward Chai Furen yelled.

Old police sharp-sighted save woman

“Although you and I don’t know, but this thing and I have! “When you say these things, Chai Furen tries to hold a woman’s emotions. Police enforcement recorder showed that night on the roof of the wind is strong, can hear “WHIR” of the wind. Then catch up with the building of auxiliary police, GAO said, in addition to strong winds make the roof body imbalances, the night also increases the difficulty of rescue.

“She shouted let us not over or jump immediately. “Chai Police officials, he stood to appease women, said to her after a half-point more than words, the woman turned her head to the edge of the roof, in the moments she looked down tears, Chai Furen without hesitation, one put a rush, and instantly grabbed the women’s. Police recorder shows, breathtaking scenes occur in women after two arms were grabbed by police, her body leaning forward broke, still was grabbed by police dead. Chai officers rushed up the elevator to the successfully save, only 152 seconds.

The second “death drag” until May 1, Chai Furen still not calm, “woman for a long time kneeling legs already numb, feel when I pulled the woman’s body leaned down, not tried is woman with Lou. “That night, suicide girls are sent to the police station. Police asked that woman surnamed Wang, 18 years old, with relatives living in Hefei. Wang said the boyfriend broke her heart a few days ago, on April 28, she and a few friends to drink a lot of wine, and tilt creates the idea of suicide. Wake up drunk Wang was remorseful, being friends back home on the night.

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