Logistics bosses randomly selected mail bomb against competitors

Chutian metropolis daily, April 14 (reporter Liang Chuansong correspondents Zhang), Changzhou, Jiangsu, a boss Liu near the suspected logistics logistics companies to seize their businesses, resentment, shopping items such as timers, curing agent and electric wire, made lighter, form by express mail to Huanggang, attempted to detonate. However, after this particular courier arrives at Huanggang, not only failed to detonate, but would Liu himself was sent to prison. On April 14, Jiangsu, Liu was handed over to the police.

On April 5, the rental housing in his small flying (not his real name) received the express telephone, saying there was need to sign for the parcel. Fly head, thinking no shopping recently, and no friend to send things to come, how to express it? See his phone number and name on the express, flying salt. Under the urging of courier, he decided to take apart and look at what.

Parcels wrapped very tight, small flying together with the courier after several twists and opened the package, has just opened the package, small flying express jumped out of his skin. Package contain electric wires, timers and other devices.

“Is it bomb? “Express Dial 110 call immediately.

After receiving the alarm, Huanggang City Public Security Bureau, 5 EOD team armed operations in the rain, alarming after half an hour, finally destroying the homemade explosives, the successful disarmament crisis.

According to the package’s sender address, task force policemen in niutang town, wujin district, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Liu Jin JI Lu Yabang Logistics Park to a successful capture.

The original, 32-year old Liu runs his own logistics company, because the company business is not too good, thought to be near a logistics company took over his business, and resentment, revenge. During January to March this year, Liu bought from the online timer, curing agent and electric wire and other items, made lighter, attempts to reach manufacturing fire for revenge purposes of hongfeng logistics company.

On March 31, after Liu to the assembled, set at 1 o’clock on auto-tipping, and the device is placed in a cardboard box, on the computer randomly determine a recipient’s name and address. 31st, bombs from a competitor company sent out.

At present, the suspect Liu was transferred to the Bureau of Changzhou City, Jiangsu wujin District Branch of the disposal, the case is being further processed.

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