“Local tyrants” on 43 companies selling invoice profit national lost almost a billion

Open cars, upscale places, this group of “local” money is unknown, they opened 43 companies, falsely making out special invoices for value-added tax sale profit.

Zhuji City Public Security Bureau economic investigation group more careful investigation by half a year, successfully destroyed the King falsely making out special invoices for value-added tax groups, the statistics, the gang in connection with the amount of ad valorem tax totals up to more than 600 million Yuan, the enterprises as many as 238 involving 18 provinces, resulting in loss of State tax of more than 90 million Yuan.

April 2016, Zhuji City Public Security Bureau received a clue, said Xin Kang textile company in Zhuji and other units to large external issue VAT invoice, there is suspicion of false invoices, requests for verification.

Meanwhile, the internal revenue service passed a crucial clue, Zhuji, discovery area, Zhuji Sun Yu, Guo Ming (a pseudonym), who take in other people’s identity information to register a number of shell companies, and external falsely making out special invoices for value added tax, was reported in Zhuji Xin Kang textile company in dubious list.

Merge two clues, police believe, there is most likely a false special invoice of VAT group, immediately set up a task force to carry out investigations.

Two people around Sun Yu, Guo ming, investigators leaving no stone unturned, and soon this criminal gang suspects one by one to the surface.

Task force found that the criminal gang, Sun Yu and Kuo Pao two people belonging to line personnel, both on-line Henan Li Sheng, guoliang instructions, with Li to provide identity in Zhuji set up shell companies.

This clear division of labor groups, all business by Li Sheng and others ply, off the Assembly line not direct contact with units such as Sun Yu, they generally charge units invoicing fee of 7%-8%.

On June 3, 2016, the plentiful evidence of the premise, the Panel consolidated net, the suspect arrested in connection with actions, destruction of falsely making out special invoices for value-added tax shelter 5 control involved 7, collected a large number of computers involved, Bank USB, business license, official seal, books and other instrumentalities.

By internal revenue service sector survey data in the background, the Panel locked the ticket enterprise, these companies all over the country’s 18 provinces and 37 counties, police then began to organize the deployment of enterprise’s arrest.

June 2016 and in October, the task force police to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hainan, Xiamen, Jiangxi and the net and arrested 20 suspects suspected of falsely making out special invoices for value added tax.

According to one of the suspects confessed that he was starting from 2015 to contact Li, nearly every month from Zhuji by buying a large number of special invoices for value-added tax, used to offset input costs, were caught before the deadline, purchase VAT amount is as high as 10 million Yuan.

In the course of case, police found the gang had a strong sense of the investigation. In order to avoid the IRS public attention, they continue to register new companies, to avoid inspection. Groups except the revival: more than one billing technician in a native of Zhuji, others who are outsiders, to do so is to reduce the impact of Zhuji.

Police found in the seized items, Guo Ming uses multiple cell phone, taped to the back of the phone company name, corporate name, phone number and other information.

Guo ming, and after registration, open a bank account of the company, the market authority, the internal revenue service, including banking every now and then will call and verify the situation because they registered the company too much, in order to avoid confusing information, he posted a note behind the phone for easy verification. Moreover, Guo Ming when verification calls, also deliberately changed, to prevent staff found that all companies are the same person on the phone.

At present, 26 suspects in the case had been transferred to the prosecution, project will continue with the internal revenue service departments on the suspects and the units to carry out the investigation on suspicion of false VAT invoices.

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