Lijiang was hit woman to spend millions also to scars to worry about how to find an object

Victim was beaten before and after (images provided by the client)

Lijiang’s “scar”

Interns/yangcheng evening news reporter Wen Jianmin Xu Manfei

Doctors can’t restore scar for 1 million

The morning of April 13, accompanied by his mother Catherine, came to the second people’s Hospital of Guangdong province for a checkup.

Linda da is from the Northeast, long before the events in Zhuhai, so now each month to round trips to the hospital for treatment in Guangzhou.

On the certificate issued on the same day, writing: abdominal mass of trace remnants of multiple facial tissue; nose tilted left nose deformed left meat through hair skin more severe on the right.

Linda da said: “this is just the beginning, cosmetic surgery is big. “According to Linda da report, one in the morning after the end of the consultation, doctors said her scar” is to spend 1 million cured. “

In the interview with the yangcheng evening news reporter, and a phone call comes in, Lynn clip-pick up the phone, chatted for a few minutes after the sound starts choking, then burst into tears. Then, accompanied by his mother Catherine cried.

According to Linda da tells, she planned on April 15 to go to Beijing to attend a recording of the show, the show invited many famous plastic surgeon. Prior to this, program group of reporters she asked the hospital in Beijing, only a plastic surgery hospital promised free treatment for her. Unexpectedly in the hospital to “worry about responsibility” for rejected Catherine da.

Show reporters told her to pay for plastic surgery. Linda da suddenly cried out: “if I had the money, also participate in the program……”

She told reporters that the doctor in the morning, doctors told her that scar “just can’t spend 1 million recovered” when he was disappointed, but still stiff.

“I thought, okay, anyway, I was 15th, was in Beijing, I got on the show, so much plastic there……” at this point, Linda da choked again.

Linda da told reporters that his 150,000 deposit has been spent, spent 60,000 of the suspects ‘ families gather together.

Event source up late at night eating barbecue mishaps

On November 8, 2016, Lin da because of trouble with her boyfriend, trying to trip out, booking a flight to Lijiang. On November 11, was supposed to return days, suffered indignity.

November 11, at one o’clock in the morning, Lynn da and Zhang, and the innkeeper having barbecue together. Three people to get to know an apprentice in his Inn, because of all the people in the Northeast and quickly cooked up. Inns boss learned that her da and Zhang after the 11th will return, and decided to request them to eat local barbecue, and the three of them took a taxi to the ninglang area barbecue restaurants.

To grill, shortly after Zhang found her cell phone in the taxi, then take other phone dial your own number. After getting in touch with taxi drivers, Zhang promised him 500 Yuan as a reward. At about three o’clock, the driver returned the phone.

“Otherwise finished a long time ago. “In the face of users questioned her at three o’clock in the morning to eating out, Linda da response.

Get your phone back, three people in the room began to eat barbecue. Pack out loud speech, Lin da toilet out a bit, sat and 12 people outside, 11 men and 1 woman. “Woman is a man’s girlfriend, and later boyfriend went, after she left, the remaining 11 men began ‘ the same thing ‘. ”

“At first when I went to use the restroom, deliberately beer crates blocking the way to my room, has been learning to talk to me later. I didn’t care, didn’t pay him. I don’t know how they don’t wannna or, after a minute or two, this person talk to me again. I don’t really hear it, said to him: ‘ do you drink too much, what does it mean? ‘ Each other laughing. ”

At this time, Zhang could not go on next, stood up and said: “almost got, don’t push it. “After a minute or two, suddenly rushed into a group of people in the room, holding beer bottles, was grabbed by the collar, beer bottle hit him in the head.

Linda da said, he was stunned, quickly took out a cell phone unlocking, photographed the men face. Haven’t had time to shoot, a man came and said, “what?! “Ludo, a bottle hit her on the head of his.

Later indictments shows that one attacker had a month before the incident, also because of disputes caused by eating supper would be wounded.

After the incident, Lin da alarm receiving treatment in the Hospital of Lijiang, and then transferred to Guangdong provincial people’s Hospital.

“While in hospital, gaping wounds, bone can be seen, even frightened nurses. ”

Linda da said that after more than a month, Southern Medical University Centre based on his admission of forensic proof (film), judging the two fractures in her face as “minor secondary”.

After fermentation, the six suspects were identified in Lijiang. Linda da said none of the six suspects were playing their own people, there are two fundamental seen.

Victims but never thought to “local black”

“Just one night’s sleep, the next day the phone crashed and information constantly pop up. “Linda da recalled,” had to take out another broken cell phone while filling in all media calls ‘ Kaka ‘ to enter. ”

On January 24, 2017, Linda posted on his official Twitter itself in Lijiang happened to be disfigured.

She said he had no tweets, only in 2015 when applied for a Twitter account. After the incident, a Twitter friend, told her she could try.

“I remember the first day out, only five people have ever seen, was also given much thought to what will happen, just hold the smack, wanted to mention them. “Lin da said.

But unexpectedly, separated by only one day, an event on the detonating network, microblogging-searched, “Lijiang girl disfigured by playing”, “Lin da me” into the hot search term. “People’s daily” reproduced in multiple media such as micro, micro-bogong number of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department respond quickly to events, called Lijiang, is investigating the incident, followed by river police have issued, saying related to control of personnel.

“Linda da me” quickly rose to more than 200,000 fans, she then made every Twitter brought tens of thousands of comments and forward.

Faced with huge amounts of information, and netizens for her “hype” questioning, Lin da says, “when they say I must be ‘ pushing hands ‘, I didn’t know that ‘ pushing hands ‘ what does this word mean……” with that, she was self-deprecating, “pushing hands written Twitter? ”

Upon detonation, the online “Lin da me” under the micro-blog, attack in Lijiang, Yunnan minority. Many netizens Lijiang of Yunnan province “geographic black” remarks attributed to her da, comments and followers plenty of hate speech against Lin da.

“I never said that Lijiang, Yunnan is not good,” Linda da insisted, “just now have had an impact, they thought I was ‘ geographical black ‘……”

In an interview, Lin da has repeatedly stressed that hitting is the behavior of others, “I can’t say, I here it is to be played, in Yunnan province as a whole is good. There are a lot of people from Yunnan province to encourage me and support me. ”

Open the “Lin da is my” Twitter, she still insisted progress update events. She said, when they each would not hang on, you will see many kind people rooting for her comments.

Mother daughter the rest of how to find an object

From Lijiang was hit girl disfigured detonated, have passed more than two months. Meanwhile, Lin da actively cooperate with hospital treatment, facial wounds recover quickly, just left of the nose through the gruesome scars, may never be able to get rid of, this is Linda da biggest sore point.

“Thought it was optimistic, experts see more, more lost, because experts are monolithic, scars cannot be fully recovered. ”

“I have nothing now,” Linda smiled with his helpless, “they took my girl as two of the most important things, the appearance and reputation … … It’s not finished. ”

Linda da said that after disfiguring and often not down for 10 days, eating only one meal a day. She shut herself in her room, looking at the floor the car to drive to, can not talking to people all day.

“I go online to check the next, perhaps called ‘ post-traumatic stress. “Lin da smiled, pretending to be easily said,” at the beginning of a month, I didn’t realize I was disfigured problems, lost his temper in the hospital every day … … I don’t know what is post-traumatic stress, irritability, tension and the kind that does not. Begin one month after mind over and over: I’m disfigured, I was disfigured…… “

She said hospital, afraid to look in the mirror, every time is rush off and washed my face, are afraid to look in front of the mirror.

She said he could not be confident of it, whenever I go out wearing masks. One time going out with friends drinking tea, pour the waiter staring her in the face, that tea poured out; security in Zhuhai, a picking mask, the security staff a look of surprise, Linda da tingle … …

She said he had written a suicide note, this happened in “Lijiang, Yunnan police” Twitter reproduced her “about guns, loose” message. Linda da said, issuing day on Twitter, your boyfriend on the phone asking, broke up after two.

Linda his mother also fear for their daughter’s happiness:

“She is 30 years old. You say this scar with her, how could she object? ”

“I have filed a criminal with civil compensation lawyer, now sitting waiting for notification. ”

At noon on April 13, disfigured victims of Lijiang was hit girl “Lin da is my” standing in front of yangcheng evening news reporter. Distance has been playing for five months, Linda da person had been restored, exposing the delicate facial features. She said that this was not wearing a mask for the first time after going out.

But her face quickly darkened: “the doctor just told me, you face even spent 1 million are not restored. ”

Made her despair was previously promised to help free cosmetic surgery in a medical institution, are formally rejected her on this day, she suddenly lose, crying for nearly ten minutes.

On January 24, 2017, Lijiang tipping Twitter girl disfigured by play events, a network named “Lin da is my” blogger, illustrated indictment of themselves in the November 11, 2016 in Lijiang were unprovoked aggressive assault experiences to facial disfigurement, and the killer has not been caught. Microblogging content rapid detonating network within a few days, Lijiang city, Yunnan tourism and public condemnation of Lijiang police later announced that captured 6 suspects. On February 10, usher, Lijiang city known as the most severe in the history of market regulation.

Five months later, Linda da busy with treatment and a lawsuit. According to the said, and has spent 150,000 yuan deposits. She said their stress, and sleep at night. “You know, I come and see you the night before, I slept for 1 hour. ”

Also injured

Lijiang also … …

Lijiang, Yunnan also scarred. Lijiang was hit girl disfigured when the event occurs, already troubled due to complaint of Lijiang, once again stood on the cusp.

On February 10, 2017, Lijiang held thousands of punch the tourism market of the General Assembly. “As a famous tourist destination, Lijiang travel-related things is not trivial, not effect that. Lijiang, who tourism marketing and tourism environment, to give him a hard time for all of us, must not be allowed to damage the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. “Lijiang Communist Party Chief Roger said.

It is said that “hideous wounds like a centipede across an attractive girl in the face, which is also a tourist destination of Lijiang at scars. ”

At the time of the former, first detonating network of the tweet is still by her top, comments on volume of 530,000, forwarded by 450,000.

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