“Lake big brother” has 2 sentences drug ready in 7 of the top ten volunteer

Zhou Qingchun

Panyu prison, Zhou Qingchun and prisoner exchanges, share experience.

For 30 years, “Lake dream.”

He was a famous “big brother”: two sentences, one detention seven times and compulsory treatment.

He is now a volunteer in Guangzhou: help patients to the hospital, go to rehab, prison to share their experiences to help confused youngsters.

Former “debauchery and the sword”, in his view, like in another world to make a big dream. Dream of life is not real, she is more untrue.

In the course of volunteering, he not only got 30 years of calm inside, also recently was awarded “Guangdong top ten volunteers”.

Bow, shake hands, smile, 49-year old Zhou Qingchun extremely humble, is not tall, and even a little thin. However, four or five years ago, he is socially the so-called “big brother”.

“On the other side”

In the memories of past experiences, he unconsciously pick up dead wood on the ground, broken hands a piece of cut, pick up, then break, like a child doing something wrong just as confused.

Born in 1968, Zhou Qingchun, before the age of 7 were in dingan County, Hainan’s countryside, and great uncle shupo life from an early age.

Parents at more than 50 kilometres away in Haikou, with his brother and sister in the city.

Life was, he could only remember, ever since he was naughty, and with the children of the village “mess up”, due to the great uncle shupo is very old, not tube the naughty children. “They wanted to control. ”

Parents is an annual Chinese new year, and come home with my brother and sister only once. He felt that Haikou is in the “day on the other side”, parents in a place so far away.

In his limited memory, he says, he remembers one year when parents spring back, after my brother and sister were asleep, mother to his Orange came to his bedside, he peeled oranges to eat. “Sister and brother did not eat, the Orange is reserved for me. ”

At the age of 7, he went to his parents ‘ work-life haven elementary school, but he does not seem to be from the “free” return to God, and not willing to learn.

“At the age of 14, I only up to grade four. “Zhou Qingchun said that at that time, he has youth and society, because of the fighting, he was persuaded by President.

Street fights sentence

“I dare not go home, just wandering in the streets. “Zhou Qingchun said, dropped out after the lunar new year, the weather is a little cold. He and a friend “mixed” together. These friends are stealing the market, but he has not stolen, just watch.

Zhou Qingchun said that sometimes friends can take him home to sleep. “Are their parents fell asleep, smuggle me out the back door to get in a good night’s sleep. ”

Just can’t go to sleep on the other, his bamboo shack in the market selling clothes, while others close, hide in a good night’s sleep. Finally, there is his brother found him home.

Zhou Qingchun said, when his “loyalty”, also like to fight, so when a friend being bullied will come forward.

For fighting, he is 15 years old entering the prison for the first time, was sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment.

“Never blame the parents”

He recalled, there was a friend being bullied at school, he mustered 8 “friends” to get back at others.

When fighting, he was holding the stick, “accidentally” broke the others of a spleen.

When told that his “rush to disaster”, the fathers who have worked in the public security system, special police went to the House, and found his friend asked him the whereabouts was still his father took him to the police presence.

“But I never complain about their parents. “Zhou Qingchun said parents to discipline him, but he never listen to, is in jail for doing something wrong.

Zhihou, Zhou Qingchun was sent to Juvie, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, spent five years and, finally, because of his excellent performance, had been commuted for 5 months.

Twice sentenced seven drug

After his release, Zhou Qingchun returned to Haikou, on the second day, welcomed hundreds of “friends” to see.

“I advised them not to fight”, said Zhou Qingchun, but “friends” told him that may have also not used the subtext is, “maybe you play hard in the future. ”

The result, less than a year, is sister shop haircut for the guest of his, and because a friend being beaten, picked up the machete and went out.

Since then got out of hand. At the age of 21, there are boss finds his “field”, also became a “big brother”.

“That was the feeling of ordering people about. “Zhou Qingchun said, when the young think when” big brother “status, prestige,” to the wind was wind, rain to rain. “

He said that now sit occasionally, there will be a fragment of the past came to mind, was an uneasy feeling. Life then was continued revenge, and revenge, others their day and even had a gun on him.

Drug as the boss, he also followed up on drugs. Since then, Zhou Qingchun was sentenced twice, once for five years, nine months, forced labour, and 1.5 years, seven compulsory treatment.

Daughter is determined to change the

When “big brother”, he had been married with his daughter, but he was only a few days for a visit home.

One day he went to the door, heard the wife cried and cried in the arms of his daughter said: “cry cry! You have no father! Your dad doesn’t want you! ”

“I was stunned at the door, don’t know how long it takes, may be a few tens of seconds, or it may be a matter of minutes. “Zhou Qingchun said, when drug addiction has many friends were dead, and he can live many years? When his wife and daughter to do?

Have been living in chaos, he first thought of “responsibility”, as the father’s responsibility. “If your daughter grows up knowing I like this in the future, she can lift her head? ”

He again thought of mother, mother is old, but he failed in his son’s responsibility.

Wife, daughter, he woke up from his dream. Zhou Qingchun said that at that moment, he had a life that feels, before all the scenery is so unreal, and family is real.

This time, he decided to change his.

To prison inmates to share experiences

“As long as you’re willing to change, I will not give up. “This is Zhou Qingchun’s sister told him. At this time, he really began to listen in.

In 2012, he came to Guangzhou with sister, began to volunteer at a nonprofit drug treatment, doing it four years. Due to drug a few months before the time of dull, he does not feel empty, because there are a lot of things to learn, he said, was gradually adapted to life without drugs.

Zhou Qingchun volunteers will help patients to the hospital, go to rehab, prison to share their experiences.

“Before, my life was very confused and full of guilt. “In front of each share, Zhou Qingchun always told himself. Him through the past, drill that can often cause the audience’s attention. In the end, he would always thank their loved ones: “my mother for 30 years, had never seen her laugh, but after two years, I will often hear her laughter. On the phone, the mother’s first words to say, I am very happy and very healthy, only my health, you can work well on the outside. “At this point, the audience feel real affection from the shock, and many tears.

But going out to share experiences, Zhou Qingchun will run up against some “embarrassing”.

Due to drug abuse and a criminal record, so when he was at the station and other public places, often becomes the object of attention by the police. “When there is one to be a urine test, come back and be a urine test. ”

In this regard, he did not care, and sometimes he will take the initiative to ask the police to identity cards, saying, “I’ve tried poison”, they tend to look at him and said, “you look good, not like. ”

Comments on “top ten” volunteers

“Sister to let me change, there is one less people to do evil, she was doing a good deed. “Zhou Qingchun said, is his sister and family is not giving up, he can stop.

Before he had met in the detention center “friends,” son, the young man also picked up bad habits. After the Zhou Qingchun began to change, he taught the young man, and endeavors to live the life of ordinary people. “He is now selling small brother, by their own efforts to make money, earn money to clean, calm life. ”

Online film called the rebirth of short films, the film tells the story of a juvenile Internet addiction, having gone astray, and juvenile Internet addiction film hero is a drug addiction in the past years of Zhou Qingchun.

Zhou Qingchun said that now run into familiar young man, as long as they want to change, he will try to help, just like sister did not give up on yourself.

Due to doing volunteer work, helping others, in January this year, organized by the Zhou Qingchun was also named a “Guangdong top ten outstanding volunteers.”

Now, doing volunteer work, while he was in public interest organizations to help “the chef” cooking. This day is the most tranquil day Zhou Qingchun, in the courtyard of charity, he could quietly with his wife and daughter. Dropped out of school due to grade four, Zhou Qingchun don’t know some words while you are reading, but he was happy his daughter in the side, when he “jammed”, will help pick him up.

A few years ago, Zhou Qingchun over eight mothers occasionally to Guangzhou and lived with him for several months, but with age, mothers can no longer travel, memory is not very good. “Over time, I let my wife and daughter back to chat with the elderly. ”

Zhou Qingchun said that from his first fight in prison began to change from a good, experienced a total of 30 years, but 30 years is about the “another world to sleep”. To make sense of him as a reincarnated man.

He hopes to continue to volunteer to stay in Guangzhou, persuade those who have “lost” people.

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