Lai said 500 Yuan a month in Kunming 5.2 million to 1000

Yunnan network a few years ago, the soup company, Cai Mou and his wife due to working capital difficulties, to borrow more than 3.9 million yuan from Zhang, to the repayment deadline, the couple to borrow to invest Boondoggle, Zhang urged many times to no avail, he had to give the soup a, Cai Mou referred to Court of Xishan District, Kunming.

After hearing, the Court, judgment soup compensation, Cai Mou and his wife Zhang more than 3.9 million in principal, and bear interest.

Judgment entered into force 2 years, soup a, Cai Mou was not fulfilled, according to Zhang’s clue, Xishan District Court seized a name on a Mercedes-Benz S300 CAI, CAI to leave your car, and repeatedly asked the Court, the couple are hiding does not show up.

Earlier this year, do the judges find Cai Mou, reiterated its request will be open to the Court, Cai Mou said “Mercedes Benz has arrived to other creditors. ”

“Court attachment, how do you secretly arrived to other people? “Executive said that the execution by this kind of behavior is bad, will be brought to justice.

Executive judges calculated that decision entered into force 2 years were not fulfilled, principal plus interest, a total of more than 5.2 million Yuan debt.

16th, Xishan District, Court of, Tsai called the soup to the Executive Board, when asked how they fulfill the debt, Tang said: “I’m now open net about a car, not earning much, to 500 Yuan a month. “Cai Mou said:” I have no work now, no ability to pay back the money. ”

Judge had estimated, according to Tang, Cai Mou repayment plans, Zhang to live nearly 1000 years to recover all the debts.

In view of the soup, Cai Mou will be seized by the Court in private Mercedes car privately arrived to others, Xishan District Court decision, Cai Mou couple judicial custody for 15 days on soup. Reporter Bai Licheng

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