KTV waiters steal mobile phones can’t work the lock was caught pretending to be a police rope password

Shoplift guest phones stolen, and pretending to be a police case on the grounds, guests will be the phone code. Recently, shexian County, Anhui Province Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute, the Court sentenced Li Guolan in prison for seven months on charges of theft and sentenced to a fine of 4000 Yuan.

The night of October 28, 2016, KTV attendant Li Guolan when tea is delivered to guests in the KTV boxes, see table a Golden Apple on the carpet-6 mobile, see the boxes all unaware, shoplifting, the mobile phone stolen, hidden in a public toilet. The next day, Li Guolan retrieved the phone, found that requiring a password to use. Then cell phone battery on the grounds, take passersby Wu calls impersonating police station police to contact victims of bullying, lied about the need for lost cell phones, to provide power on password and the Apple account password. Ling then told Li Guolan the password.

Ling after feeling something wrong, went to the police station to tell officers. The same day, Li Guolan was arrested by public security organs. After the case, Li Guolan confessed to theft.

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