Junior high school students believed to be demanding money not to was beaten to death by students

Qilu NET March 19 (journalists practice Chi Peng Chai Ming Feng Mengshuang) reporter learned that, at noon on March 11 one o’clock, Qingdao the second junior eight class, a boy surnamed Xu in the Beihai Park are more than school and outside the school’s student beaten to death.

According to death before students QQ chat show, he had been asked for money.

Reporters learned from the second secondary school in Qingdao, dead students may well be beaten only because there is no money, while making school calls went unanswered.

Reporter came to incident site Beihai Park Hou found, incident site distance Qingdao Public Security Bureau economic zone branch Huangdao police station only hundreds of meters of distance, incident Hou, Huangdao police station detention has three name suspects, also has three name suspects bail awaiting trial, reporter understand to, participation case of suspects has Qingdao zone second Middle School of in school students, also has outside career secondary of students, all suspects are for minor people, age minimum of only has 14 age.

Xinhua learned from the economic development zone of Qingdao City Public Security Bureau branch, in the present cases are still under investigation.

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