Jinan attractions beggar begging QR bad weather “does not work”

Beggar: no change, you can scan code: micro-payments

Now, true Street beggars, and some of them are professional beggars, really begging as a profession, and sometimes run into these people asking you for money, maybe you also said “no change” to stall these words, but now, on the streets of Jinan, say no change, don’t blame the beggar resorted to “trick”!

A Netizen recently in Jinan’s mansion near the pool, one of the beggars holding a basket, a QR code picture above bright, friends exclaimed, now beggars information, payable in either app, it’s not too weird.

User message also said, this scenario is not bright eyes of blind users, and I feel his IQ was a great insult.

The Insider: beggars of the bad weather “does not work”

Today, the reporters came to the Palace near the pool, trying to locate the beggars, however the surrounding businesses, told reporters as rain today, beggars could “work”, but usually when the weather is good, they must appear in the nearby. People familiar with the matter said, a bit issue this man, this two-dimensional code should be made of his family gave him, but to do so, a bit unacceptable.

(Begging for beggars often places within the red box)

Insider: there are beggars use the POS machine

Residents say, because the winding street, Palace pool are tourist attractions, most people who come begging, begging for money in the use of micro QR code, are not rare. What is more, there is begging with a POS machine.

It is understood that in the near, and beggars often clusters. And these beggars also staring at some foreign tourists for money, are a bad influence.


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