Japan is now rare “legs kite” paintings Claire Roberts shocked friends


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    Beijing, April 19, according to foreign media reports, recently, there has been thousands of Japanese net friend, Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu, Shizuoka in the country this bang, play, see this scene: a painting of Claire Roberts appeared in the sky “legs kite.” Netizens took this group picture, and caused no small concern on the social network.

    Photo: social network

    It was reported that day, named @ this far really wild show thousands of viewers to the country of Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu, Shizuoka this bang, that is just a can at the same time enjoy the sea with views of Mount Fuji famous sightseeing spots.

    Photo: social network

    At that time, many people were flying kites, but have a kite is particularly striking, that is a strange kite shaped like a man’s leg, and even socks, shorts are fully equipped.

    In this regard, many Japanese friends are the painting of Claire Roberts “kite” expressed surprise, saying that had never seen anything like this “works”. However, it has been said, after France, the United States has a similar kite, in fact, is not new.

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