Inhaled in the lungs of girls seeds fever cough for three years until

Red Changsha, May 2 (Xinhua Yang Juan Zhang Shubo correspondents) 6 years old female Tong Xiaorong (a pseudonym), who lives in Xinhua County, loudi, Hunan, in three years, there have been unexplained fever, cough, the family traveled more than hospital treatment failed. On May 1, the reporter learned from the Hunan provincial people’s Hospital, the respiratory immune practitioners through branchofiberoscope surgery, removed from the lung of a shelled sunflower seeds.

Xiaorong MOM says daughter was three years old, family had secretly stuffed into his mouth found her seeds, didn’t pay attention to, but didn’t think she would suck the seeds into the lungs, “thought it was just the common cold each time the fever. “For nearly two months, xiaorong again symptoms of fever, cough, and more serious, the family took her to the provincial people’s Hospital for treatment.

On examination, doctors consider foreign body aspiration is possible, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, found that lungs are visible on the right side of a foreign body in black and Brown, and bronchial foreign body incarceration within the visible erosion and have granulation tissue, doctors found after removing it is a seed.

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