Hotel has a camera on the bed was “old King next door” on candid camera

Hanzhong, China business daily news (reporter Zhou Jinzhu Wei Xiaoning) when staying at a hotel, found in the corner camera, even to bed. This creepy scene takes place inside a hotel in North Street, Hanzhong city, Shaanxi.

Morning wake up and find the camera on the bed

“From the police force for more than 30 years, also is the first time the alarm. “Yesterday, hantai Hanzhong City Public Security Bureau branch of Dongda Street police station, said Zhang Yong, 9:20 A.M. March 18, received a man police said, he and his wife in hantai district, North Street, hotel accommodation, and found that being placed on a living room corner and a camera.

Police arrived at the hotel concerned, reported by men’s room has a chip on the top corner of the window, was connected with those of the next room. When the camera has taken, but the reporter had photographed evidence before. Photographs taken by the parties, the gap does have a camera.

Alarm is a pair of Anhui couple, who was admitted to the hotel the night of March 16. Rest at night, they heard noise window, knock on the next door, inside man said, they are curtains, so they do not care, just curtains for the gap wall. However, the 18th after getting up in the morning, they found on the wall, the curtains fell down at the gap, gap has a camera on their bed.

Suspected obscene on the PC video

Photos taken under the victim, the police knock on the next door and saw police coming, inside man, flustered.

“The man carrying the bag, there are a lot of lingerie, stockings, panties, are open, said he was shopping, also in use. “Police said that the man Wang carries a laptop, camera was also found pornographic videos.

By the police investigation and evidence collection, suspect Wang admitted that he placed in the hotel room camera, candid camera illegal facts from others.

Police found 32 years old Wang works in a environmental company office in Hanzhong, long term rental at the hotel. To understand that Wang is married and his wife get a card but not the wedding, wife not in Hanzhong. At present, Wang for violation of the law on public security administration punishments in administrative detention on 5th.

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