Hong Kong, 15-year-olds suspected of indecent assault with a knife the stepmother arrested

Juvenile hand injuries in hospital

Overseas network on April 20, according to the Sing Tao Daily News of Hong Kong reported, 19th, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, a 15-year-olds with a knife threatening 43 stepmothers, and engage in wantonly to her of indecent assault, the stepmother frightened shouted, rushed to the scene after residents heard the Suppression and alarm in a hurry, young was arrested after police arrived at the scene.

It was reported that juvenile hand cut by knife, the stepmother also felt unwell, both admitted to hospital for treatment.

According to the Ming Pao Daily News reported police on suspicion of indecent assault and possession of an offensive weapon the juvenile was arrested on the spot. Investigations by Hong Kong second-team by the District Crime Squad, Eastern are proceeding. Investigating a motive.

It is understood that the 15-year-olds arrested Wang, a third year of secondary school in the district, Tsui Wan Village, living with their families. 19th at about 8 o’clock, when other family members are already out, leaving adolescents and their stepmother. Stepmother dressing to go out after work, how suddenly is stepson to head neck. Stepmother in the juvenile during touching the body, then defiance and shouted for help.

The teenager then remove adhesive tape and tried to tie each other up, female party struggle, chaos men’s finger was injured by a knife. Neighbors heard cries for questioning, and police.

Neighbors said the teenager had been giving a good image, nor heard the sound before the crime was committed, was surprised at the events.

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