Home with $150,000 in cash safe 4 days was carried away the police detection

A $150,000 in cash and more than 200 more grams of gold jade jewelry safes, home was stolen, the owner of the House overnight loss of more than 250,000 yuan. Case on March 4 in liuzhou, Guangxi North Sparrow road, a residential district after the incident, Liubei liuzhou City Public Security Bureau branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade brave police attack, quickly lock the 3 members of the group. On March 8, 3 gang members have been arrested in Keelung Harbor development zone and the East loop. On March 14, the police informed the case to the media.

March 4 at 11 o’clock in the evening, live in North que Lu Liu for a community building, comes back home to find out net cut bad balcony, weighing hundreds of pounds in a safety deposit box being carried away. Safe, with 150,000 yuan in cash and more than 200 more grams of gold jade jewelry. Confirm home after thieves, Liu made a report to police in Liubei overnight.

Liubei Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade immediately started investigating. Community the crime was committed is equipped with surveillance cameras, but on the night of the murder, video surveillance footage there was shaking, the suspect is likely to video surveillance had hands and feet. Police traced and found the night of the murder, suspected two men entered the home. Later, the two people from the company to launch an electric car, carrying electric cars on safe, Qing Feng Lu, came to a nearby fence. Nobody saw four weeks, two safety deposit box truck, phone the friend opened a van to come. 3 people carried the safe car, fled the scene. After careful investigation, police have been targeted 3 suspected man identity.

The night of March 8, police making an arrest operation, suspected men Wei June captured at Keelung Harbor development zone. That night, long heard of Wei, Wei a June arrest, wheat and Associates, came to the police station to seek Wei June news.

Two left the police station soon to East Central Avenue near a community get electric vehicle and discuss countermeasures. Liubei police quickly grasp the information, in the vicinity of the community will be a dragon and Mai Wei captured two people.

Trial, 34 year old Wei June and 33 year old Wei is a dragon brother, 26 MAI is their cousin, 3 people from the laibin, has convictions for theft, had been sentenced for theft.

After his release from prison, 3 people without permanent jobs, and partner in crime together. The night of March 4, Wei June, came to Northern Wei Moulong Finch road community, see community a household of black lights on the first floor and balcony fences are low, then cut the household balcony security net, safe to carry in residents ‘ homes.

3 take my van pulled into the liujiang River area near the village of 3,000 safe River. Prepare tools such as hammers, iron rod, safe violence broke, then money and jewelry to split. 3 people think that criminals succeeded only 4 days, liuzhou, brave the police attack, they will all be captured.

At present, the main part of the stolen money has been recovered by the police. 3 suspected men were arrested for theft, were detained.

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