Hit by a drunk driver accident death were hawkers disability debt

Figure has been in bed since the accident, Liu wancai

An evening of May 2015, 39-year old Liu wancai pulling a hill-Wheeler red jujube, driving slowly in the national highway 110. It was just dark, villages along the road he’s going to see it stop, settled accommodation.

This road is that he often walked. From baotou, Inner Mongolia on the wholesale dates, trafficking in the surrounding County village, sometimes he’ll go farther, go next to the city of Hohhot. One hundred or two hundred kilometers of baotou, where there is a sale, he’ll go anywhere.

Night, and Liu wancai to Hohhot left banner. At the end of his days journey, to be able to eat a hot meal when an opposite lane car collision came to him, vehicle tipped, red dates scattered.

Soon, hit Meng Liu wancai awake. He hurriedly called 120 go left hospital for treatment of the soil. But due to the seriously injured and subsequently transferred to Inner Mongolia second affiliated hospital of Medical University.

Later, Liu wancai was informed that hit his driver called Wang Manhong, left banner of the soil, the time of the incident and has no driver’s license for drunk driving, died on the spot.

Although Liu wancai survived, but the situation is not good. Inner Mongolia second affiliated hospital of Medical College, doctors made him ready to 15.2 million Yuan (RMB, same below) the cost of treatment, which he could not accept. From the seven or eight years of working to baotou, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, carefully saved tens of thousands of Yuan, this drop in the bucket. Several calculations, he transferred to a private orthopedics hospital in baotou city, relatively inexpensive and close to home. Diagnosis in hospital, Liu wancai’s injury: two femoral shaft fractures, open the right knee injury, right comminuted patellar fracture, his right knee cruciate ligament injury.

The accident, traffic police found Wang Manhong bear full responsibility, Liu wancai under no obligation. But Wang Manhong people have died, accident compensation for the who to call? Liu wancai find a lawyer on legal knowledge, decided to adopt legal means to appeal first order Wang Manhong (spouse, children) of liability, fees amounted to more than 190,000 yuan.

On January 18, 2016, the soil left banner people’s Court heard the case.

The Court found that Wang Manhong driving small cars (car owner Wang Manhong daughter) in the China ping an insurance company of compulsory insurance third party liability insurance and 1 million Yuan, the accident occurred during the period of insurance, because King red wine and did not obtain a driver’s license, so the insurance company should be within the scope of the insurance liability, business insurance does not assume liability.

The Court held that, as a first order, wife of Wang Manhong Zhang Fenglan and children should inherit Wang Manhong heritage within bear civil liability for compensation for loss of the plaintiffs.

Eventually, Liu wancai Court insurance companies compensation expenses total 94797; the total compensation Liu wancai 55798 Zhang Fenglan and their children.

However, in addition to getting insurance compensation, Liu wancai and no connection to the defendant Zhang Fenglan family.

“For a year, telephone, texting back. “Liu wancai said that since the accident, he was unable to stand, out of wheelchair, let alone find the defendants for money.

In an interview with reporters contacted Zhang Fenglan, heard about the case, Zhang Fenglan sobbing in her voice: “the husband is dead. “50 year old Zhang Fenglan repeats, expressed on several occasions in the countryside, sons daughters get married, don’t have a job, inability to perform the compensation for Liu wancai.

In such cases, soil left banner court enforcement staff, the defendant does not comply with the judgement of the pecuniary, Liu wancai the plaintiff may apply to the Court for enforcement.

Liu wancai said after the accident I’ve been sick in bed, 2017 lunar new year had bone graft surgery, pancreatitis onset then again, visiting the hospital in Hohhot. Repeated treatment, very convenient, and he spared no time, inability to apply to court for enforcement, “just that I get well, and then to ask for money. ”

In fact, it has struggled to recover Liu wancai external debt owed by far not a defendant more than 50,000 yuan in arrears can be resolved. “Insurance money, family money, are not spending enough, wife at home all day taking care of me, not to earn money, daughter is still at school. Has no economic resources in these two years, lives and the cost of treatment is borrowing, loan. “Liu wancai said.

Liu wancai wife told reporters: “the most difficult time, consulted a family were no longer in school by 15-year old daughter, a helper at home, then I didn’t have the heart to. After his father if not good, might only go this way. ”

A few days ago, troubled landlord Liu wancai helpless requests help, took his wife and take a train to the left flag applications submitted to the enforcement of the Court. “The only hope that the Court will get the $50,000 back, part count, and how later, hard to say. “In the Dim room rental, Liu wancai whispered sighs.

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