“Heroic man” hundred Yuan banknote with occlusion motorcycle number plate was fined penalty points

(Original title: hundred Yuan banknote shielding plate new “heroic” man being punished)

Tan one hundred Yuan banknote with captured by traffic police shielding plate

Golden Goat network news journalist Tan Yaoguang Peng Jining correspondents Lin Zebin photography: recently, Xinhui district, Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, traffic police investigating an “heroic” exposed drivers, even with hundred dollar bills keep out license plates, usually deal with playing cards, discs, masks, as well as blocking license plate violations are common, but with hundred dollar bills blocked number plates first.

April 6, at 17 o’clock, southern city of Xinhui District Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police patrol from the center of town road when the squadron found ahead of a two-wheeled motorcycle number plate obscured, surprising number plates are the same for shielding, a hundred bills cross posted on the number plate. To eliminate traffic accidents, police immediately signaled the driver pull over to check TAM, and evidence collection, upon examination, a TAM to block the number plate is a real, if being blown away by what? When the police asked TAM to produce a driver’s license, driving license, insurance policies and other documents, told police Tan Mou was not carrying a driver’s license and insurance policy, the police immediately using the police to verify a TAM passed the type which corresponds to the license. Police then holds the principle of equal emphasis on punishment and education, knowledge of traffic safety education for drivers.

Ultimately, illegal driver’s Tan on myself deeply regrets the violations of, and accept the punishment. A shielding plate, TAM did not carry a driver’s license, insurance and other offences punishable by a fine of 400 Yuan and 14 points.

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