Henan sent intercepted for the first time since the United States total weighing up to 1 kg of mouse droppings

AP reporter 14th from entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Henan province was informed that staff from the airport in import shipments sent since the United States intercepted a consignment of mouse droppings, 6 bags weighing 0.5 kg, which was intercepted for the first time the mouse droppings in Henan province, also rare in the country.

According to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities in Henan in charge, mouse droppings intercepted the importer cannot provide related permit and quarantine certificates, has imposed on the goods detained according to law and for subsequent processing. Mouse droppings easily carry large amounts of virus, bacteria, can spread like plague, endemic typhus, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and other diseases, and a serious hazard to human health, even life-threatening, also posed a significant threat to the ecological environment and impacts. According to the people’s Republic of China banned, mailed directory of plants and animals and their products and other related requirements, mouse droppings are prohibited from entering the animal waste.

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