Henan doctor knees collapsed 40 minutes had surgery for patients sputum

Kneeling down to 40 minutes of operation.

Doctors kneeling down to surgery.

Luohe newspaper the day before yesterday and yesterday, a “kneeling down to surgery” photo spread in luohe circle of friends. Who is the doctor? Why is he kneeling down to surgery?

Yuanhui district, luohe city, asked ten rural farmers divisions in Algeria to work all the year round, during the work, always felt sore, but subject to local services, not treatment. After returning home, in luohe city, he went to the hospital to view the illness.

“Patients with masses of sound, and on the left side of the epiglottis (small tongue) tongue of cyst on the right side, and require surgical removal. “Hospital in ear, nose and throat surgeon Liu Shifeng district, luohe city, told reporters.

The morning of March 15, Division into the operating room. After the operation began, Liu Shifeng laryngoscope into the patient’s throat and bracket. “Patient position is rather special, standing surgery surgical position sitting too high, too low, only double knee surgery. “Liu Shifeng said to reporters, the patient’s condition, he was never adopted kneeling operation.

“Because of the higher male-Adam’s Apple, hands down the throat to see the tumor, surgical procedures need to constantly adjust the angle and intensity of his Adam’s Apple. “Liu Shifeng said, in order to see more clearly in the procedure, he would stick with his left hand in patients with breast down the Adam’s Apple, a cyst on right hand gingerly removed (see chart).

“Once this is done two surgeries, after resection of tumor on the left side, Doctor Liu did not rest again into the patients mouth on the right side of the epiglottis cyst surgery. “Anesthesiologists Li Shuxia, luohe city, told reporters.

Nurses involved in the operation told reporters that surgery is a physical, when Liu Shifeng with sweat, but his left hand down the patient’s Adam’s Apple, right hand operation, you cannot stop it. 40 minutes after the operation ended, Liu Shifeng, sweaty body.

Liu Shifeng said, got up, suddenly feeling sore arm, his legs numb, suddenly collapsed on the operations front. Nurse he helped in a timely manner. Over a period of time after the restoration, he was supported by colleagues out of the operating room.

Liu Shifeng of 36 doctors and 12 years. Hospital in luohe city, colleagues said, his body moving very much. At one point, Liu Shifeng surgery found in the sputum of a patient through the trachea, in medical equipment suction time crisis, his mouth to patients of phlegm suction out, when the biography is in the hospital.

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