Heart transplant 14 years old boy suddenly became xueba after 39 years old man character very different from

Compared to liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, heart transplantation is an alien, in films under the influence of some “heart transplant” generates fear. For years, people on “Watch” mystery legends come out, such as, “heart” in character, “inherited” donors (donor of the heart), memory, and so on.

Yesterday, in the first affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University School of medicine cardiothoracic surgery, held the first “set sail because of love, from the heart • heart transplant patients”, the reporter saw 11 outgoing, spirited “heart transplant recipients,” they told journalists about his “heart” after the change.

5 years to detect cardiomyopathy

14 “heart transplant”, he becomes “xueba”

Patients meeting, 17 years old Thrush (a pseudonym) is the youngest of the “Watch”, which is also one of the youngest heart transplant patient in a hospital of Zhejiang University. That day, he was dressed in a Red Sweater, dark jeans, shaved flat, thin body, particularly conspicuous when it took in a group.

Thrush is now a key high school in huzhou city, is a standard “little meat”, height 182 cm, weight of 57 kg, features stereo, single eyelids, eyebrows, hair, big eyes.

Journalists, he was not a taboo, said with a laugh: “wanted to ask, just ask. “

Age 5 years, thrush because of frequent chest tightness to detect hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (later, as the illness progresses become dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease most common in heart transplant patients). Since then, he started to become different from other children, he needs to eat all kinds of medicine every day, can’t run, jump with other children, strenuous exercise for him is “dangerous”. “Before transplantation, each gym class I can only stand on the other side, have never run in the playground. “Thrush said, and most of the patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, even if it does not do any exercise, just sitting, and occasionally feel tightness in the chest, at this time, he had to stop doing anything.

“Under normal circumstances, the human heart is diastolic, systolic, and systolic function in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. As the illness progresses, their hearts will be like blowing a balloon, inflate, that heart failure occurs and when the heart is to a certain extent, when the heart is exceeded, it will stop working. “College of Zhejiang University cardiothoracic surgery, heart disease, said doctor Ma Liang, the Director, the Deputy Director.

In September 2015, the thrush is under 15 years of age at the Zhejiang University Hospital for a heart transplant. “At the time, his heart function was very poor, has been unable to maintain normal functioning of the heart, without surgery, the heart might stop at any time. “Ma said.

After the operation, thrush took a year, thrush but this years great changes have taken place, and that he also felt the change, “a physically, psychologically. Discharged after surgery, I immediately felt relaxed a lot, never easy, this relaxed feeling makes me feel life is beautiful, my life is full of possibilities. “

In the eyes of the home, he was clever, sensible, not peevish, wayward. Let the family’s surprise, took a year off, back into the campus, the thrush has become “xueba”, each exam is near the top. “Before the surgery, my grades in the middle and lower class, 42 students in the class, I almost have 109. “Thrush said, tests that year, he went with excellent performance at a local high school.

“To tell the truth, he went to high school, we were very surprised. After all, he grew up on the wrong side of the body, it will be too much pressure on him, his grades are not required. “The thrush’s sister said,” we feel that after transplantation, he becomes wise. “

39 year old man received combined heart and kidney transplantation

Difference between postoperative

Mr Xu (not his real name), aged 45, he was the only one of the patients who received combined heart and kidney transplantation, two years after he was found in uremia, and suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, due to the influence of uremia, his heart function drops the speed faster than normal in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.

“That time is really very difficult, every breath is difficult, just sitting and sleeping at night, lie down; cannot drink water when thirsty, even to drink a little, all puffed up right away. “Mr Xu said he came up with the idea of suicide.

On August 31, 2011, Mr Tsui, 39, in his own words, on this day, his ashes. “At the time, I don’t know a heart transplant, was holding a bet going. “Xu, smooth operation that he had a new understanding of life after transplantation, the first two years, said he heard people around him that the maximum sentence is” have you changed. “Even his wife says he was a reformed character. However, Mr Xu would be glad to hear this sentence, because he likes its change.

“Heart transplant for my life, I think, is a great incentive. “Mr Xu said that in the past, he is mucking about, try, never thought I should do, without an objective in life, smoking, drinking, staying up late, bad habits a lot. After transplantation, he is aware that life can be very short, short to a thing if you can’t finish, life can be very long, long enough to finish your busy every day things, and live, we should have a good living, to achieve a goal, he would be the son’s role model.

Why do patients with “heart transplant” temperament and intelligence after going to change?

Talked about “heart transplants”, many people will immediately Lenovo to related of television works, as, by Hong Kong well-known actor Tony Leung Ka-fai, and Lin, people starring of claimed life heartbeat, the tablets tells has a woman in finished heart transplant surgery Hou, originally of pottery talent suddenly disappeared, skills increasingly poor, all signs let she suspected, this sudden of all are and body in that Star mystery of heart about. The film 21 grams, starring Sean Penn, also introduced a heart transplant surgery has been renewed, but after recovering he became another person, have a heart donor’s memories and personality.

According to the daily mail of London reported that University of Arizona study found prominent psychology professor Gaili·xiwazi after more than 20 years, the human heart may have some sort of “thinking and memory function”, which is what many patients who received heart transplant sudden personality change, “inherited” a heart donor character of reason. According to statistics, out of every 10 patients undergoing heart transplant surgery, 1 people for personality change phenomenon.

Medical experts in China after heart transplantation, patients with personality changes, there are some view–

General Hospital of the armed police in Beijing said Wang Qi, Director of heart surgery, which is made from operation itself technology maturity and cognitive decision with. Heart transplantation within the medical profession very difficult, risky surgery. The patient’s heart will be stopped, in the CPR process, the heart into bubbles, resulting in a qualitative change. Organic lesions in the body, so they appear in cognitive disorder, also leads to slight changes in the character. Mr Wang said, more similar cases in the 80 ‘s of the last century, after entering the 21st century, with the improvement of heart surgery heart transplant, the medical profession is similar to examples less.

Professor of Cardiology of fuwai hospital in Beijing and Zhang Shu believes that patient’s personality changes and are also related to drug use after surgery. For example, organ transplant patients must use immune-suppressing drugs, effects and these drugs have some neurological side effects, these side effects may cause patient’s personality changes. Heart transplantation is a very complex operation and requires undergoing anesthesia, surgery, and many other programs, these programs may also have an impact on the body. Like sound changes, it is possible to do need guarantees to breathe during surgery, intubation affect the vocal cords, resulting in sound change, and so on.

Henan doctor Chen Dingxue has written an article of the watch why personalities change, mentioned in the article, in recent years, scientists have found, in addition to the blood circulation of the heart function, endocrine function, it can secrete some chemical elements, such as natriuretic peptide and biological activity of peptide. Heart may also secrete some of the “peptides”, these “peptide hormone” contains individual donor information, result in the donor’s personality, habits, diet, and dreams changed.

Mr Xiao Xiang and Xu changes associated with it?

Ma said that the plot in the film, is more artistic process, at present, there is not enough evidence. American scientist’s research, he has seen, but the point is still not recognized by the mainstream medical community, in his view, “Watch” change of character, more of a patient’s own spiritual change. For most people, the heart transplant is major surgery, as well as experienced a death in the face. Life, experience life and death, and how much will change. The other hand, from a medical point of view, after heart transplantation, with the improvement of heart function, all functions of their body could be improved, no fatigue.

Thrush also endorsed Ma’s views, he said, before the transplant he sat twenty or thirty minutes of each class will be uncomfortable, so much so that he will not listen to the teacher, and results are not good. After the surgery, this uncomfortable feeling is gone, every lesson he can smoothly listening. Gym class, he began running with my classmates, and moving together.

Ma also said that heart is not as General as the brain’s memory function, one’s personality, habits, diet and dreams, information is not a memory in my heart, but the memories in the brain. Because there is no memory-related information in the heart, so the donors could not be directly through the heart of information “genetic” receptors. In addition, molecular biology tells us that genetic information stored in DNA, the heart cannot be directly synthesized DNA, did not have a general sense of the genetic function of the heart, then donor information cannot be passed on directly through the heart of receptors.

Opinions about think thrush thrush sister smarter, MA believes that is mainly associated with thrush grades improve, but his results more still with his body functions in classes–such as more focused, learning more efficient higher these factors.

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