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Why Vitamin Injections Are Superior to Oral Supplements

Years ago, a reputable consumer watchdog company did an intensive study on the purity and effectiveness of 1,600 oral supplements. Of all the tested products, 25% were proven to be sub potent and/or contaminated. As the FDA has no clout over vitamin supplements, the quality of these products is left solely to the discretion of the manufacturer. Vitamin Injections, on the other hand, have ingredients that satisfy the most stringent verification requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP-NF).

Below are the particular advantages of vitamin injections:

Absorption Efficiency and Bioavailability

Oral supplements first need to be digested and absorbed by the body’s tissues before their active ingredients start taking effect. Furthermore, low quality nutrients and cheap fillers can bring down the bio-availability (the percentage of the supplement that is actually used by the body) of supplements, significantly minimizing intestinal absorption, which results in indeterminate levels of the active ingredients actually getting into the bloodstream. However, vitamin Injections directly transport nutrients into the body’s tissues, ensuring hundred percent absorption and utilization of active ingredients on-the-spot.

Requires No First-Pass Metabolism

After they are absorbed into the digestive system, oral supplements are metabolized by gastrointestinal tissues and the liver before being released into the blood so they could be distributed around the body. This is called first-pass metabolism, and it greatly lessens the amount of active ingredients that the body can actually use. In contrast, the first-pass effect does not apply to vitamin injections because the active ingredients are delivered straight into the bloodstream.

Rapid Effects

The route that oral supplements go through prior to reaching the bloodstream, as discussed in the previous paragraph, can take hours before the tissues can absorb the active ingredients. In comparison to oral supplements, injectable vitamins can work on dietary deficiencies drastically faster.

Lower Dosing Frequency

Because of their low bioavailability and the long metabolic process they need to undergo, oral supplements have to be dosed frequently in order to be effective. Since they do not have to go through the same process, vitamin injections are absorbed completely, which means the concentration of nutrients reaching the tissues is greater. Also, intramuscular injections produce a depot effect, with active ingredients being released slowly but in a consistent fashion over time. This is the reason less frequent dosing is required of vitamin injections.


Compared to oral dietary supplements, vitamin injections are better because of their superior quality ingredients, which do not include fillers or contaminants, and higher potency. Following administration, their active ingredients are automatically and fully absorbed by the bloodstream and into the tissues, immediately correcting nutritional deficiencies. And because of the depot effect and the higher amount of nutrients that end up utilized by the target tissues, less frequent dosing is necessary.

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