Hardy brothers line chance of suffering from rare disease brother to brother

Brother’s brother is taking care of a hospital bed.

This is a hardy brothers. Grew up mother died, father home heard, brother was forced to dropped out of, 16 age began out working, 2014, brother Bian Gong side learn, got has college degree, also in a KTV Dang Shang has Manager, see days gradually good up Shi, 2015, brother suddenly double ear listening to not to has, to hospital check found for cranial within more crazy fiber tumor, second years, brother also appeared has also of illness, left eye blind, listening damaged.

Brother, Yang, 26 years old, brother Yang Chao, 23 years old, dazhou, Sichuan people. The morning of March 23, Chengdu 363 hospital neurosurgery, 10/f, 8 bed, my brother lying on the bed, emaciated brother sat next to the bed, stay with brother. Doctors use pen and paper to write down questions, the sunlight through the window, my brother see Word, sounds great to answer the doctor’s advice.


Within a year two brothers suffer from the same illness

Sitting on the bench, Yang twist together the two hands, he recalled, in 1996, the mother died, far in the field to raise money for the mother’s father had no message, no longer send money home, that year, Yang primary school grade six, the younger brother was only 3 years old.

Without sources, Yang was forced to drop out of school, until at the age of 16, go out to work to earn money, the first garage to go to work in a factory, then went to the composite plant, then went to a KTV in Fujian. At this point, the brothers also work in Chongqing, two brothers thought that the ashes when fate played a joke, in 2015, the brother Yang is at work suddenly found ears buzzing, can’t hear clearly, to a local hospital for an MRI found that his brain tumor, if left untreated hearing loss.

Subsequently, Yang do brain surgery on the right, cut off part of intracranial tumor, but Yang is deaf, hearing aid is useless, and his right hand started flexible legs to walk, so he lost his job.

Of fate and not over Spring Festival in 2015, working in Chongqing’s brother feet out of intuition, home inspections, only to find themselves and their brother, intracranial tumors.


Brother brother raised money to

In May 2016, brothers of the village as they opened a letter that read: the brothers have “benign bilateral acoustic neuromas” hearing and eyesight is very poor, walking very difficult, since no economic treatment, low maintenance, case, all are looking to help and care.

Thanks to caring people help, the brothers raised about 30,000 yuan of donations, however, how to use this money, my brother had an idea earlier.

Two brothers diagnosed, the doctor ordered the two brothers must be reviewed half a year, the end of 2016, to brother review time, but he did not go. He left money to his brother. On March 21, brother brother to Chengdu 363 hospital, found the doctor before, doctors operated on his brother. Yang Frank said, “our economy is more difficult, now brother ears can hear, stable condition, if cured he has ability to survive. ”


Primary school dropout grew up to work

In fact, before the illness, my brother in the struggle for life, Yang told reporters, he initially faced many problems and spending 1200 Yuan to learn computer applications for themselves, then he wanted to study, just signed up, started to work.

He was on the night shift at 19 o’clock in the afternoon and start working out at 3:30 A.M., according to the working conditions, sometimes later, Yang set his alarm clock at 13 o’clock noon Cook got up, to 14 points to reach school, wait until 18 o’clock in the afternoon after school, back to work, sometimes at home studying.

This is his day. Yang recalled, “the most tired of school exams and examinations to catch a piece of the company, remember the first time I participate in the Ministry of education, principles of management and Manpower, 47 points do not pass the test, subsequent examinations through their own efforts, has not appeared to fail. “Through his hard work, he finally got the University of Xiamen, a college certificate,” if not ill, I’ll undergraduate graduate. “Yang said.

The illness

Brothers all over a total of 9 tumor

Chengdu 363 Hospital Gamma Knife therapy room attending physician Liang Wenneng are introduced, the brothers are suffering from “multiple intracranial tumors of nervous fibers”, “tumor will continue to grow, patients require life-long treatment, we will try to control the tumor, avoid growing too fast. ”

It is understood that brother Yang Chao who share 6 tumor, intracranial, 5, are located in the left eye, left cerebellopontine angle, after the left ventricle, right eye, right cerebellopontine angle, there is a tumor in spinal canal. Brother 3 tumor body, respectively, in both the cerebellopontine angle and amount of falx.

22nd, brother Chao in the doctor’s help, by Gamma Knife accuracy-Ray treatment, killing some tumors in the skull base, and before doing surgery, brother has two untreated tumors. Brother Yang before treating a tumor, there are two cancer untreated. Such tumors are hereditary, about 2 incidence of 1 per thousand, if not treated, the tumor will grow bigger and bigger, press on cranial nerves, causing paralysis, coma, and even life-threatening.

“A review needs more than 1000 Yuan, surgery and hospitalization is about more than 17,000 yuan,” Man-kin can appeal, “our Department doctors to help them at the same time, also want the community to help the brothers soon. ”

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