Harbin railway station renovation project for the accused requested the monks practice

Video screenshot.

Legal evening news (reporters Chen Guang Jiang Ju) Harbin train station recently started the renovation project, netizens revealed video showing the station’s reconstruction of the ceremony when doing the ceremonies.

According to the video circulating on the Internet shows, Harbin train station waiting room in front of construction machinery at work, while in the waiting room door, there are three people do move, set off firecrackers on the ground debris and firecrackers cartons. A banner hanging in the waiting room on the second floor, told passengers the station reconstruction starting from March 1.

Legal evening news reporter Harbin railway station staff in a telephone interview, the station said, construction of the Harbin railway station is in the transformation.

Reporter then asked publicity departments about the matter, the Department said his reply later, but has not received any replies as of press time.

Harbin railway station micro screenshot.

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Station is located in the center of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, Harbin, built in October 1899, under the jurisdiction of the Harbin Railway Administration, now the principal station. According to records, design of Harbin railway station was completed in Russia. This location of the Harbin station baggage room temporarily put up a small house, as a webmaster staff lounge room, radio room and vehicle. 1903 House of old Harbin railway station was built 1904 passenger waiting room that is moving into the new homes.

According to the construction announcement, Harbin railway station renovation project is in progress, this century-old station will be the estimated total investment of 2 billion yuan in construction funds to achieve the “Pimp”. The project undertaken by iron in 22 innings, and entry of construction team currently has under construction.

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