Guy makes his girlfriend smiling anger runs 2 km run from rhabdomyolysis, renal failure

Chutian metropolis daily, April 12 to make angry girlfriend laugh, generation guys from running, since the penalty runs 2 km to the girlfriend’s House to apologize, but ran out of rhabdomyolysis, urine color such as soy sauce, and acute renal failure. A few days ago, received dialysis treatment and in stable condition, he filled with remorse.

29-year-old Luo (surname) who lives in Bai BU Ting, a common staff, usually are driving to and from work, exercise little. Recently, Ronaldo and his girlfriend make awkward for trifles, cold war days. A week ago he was easing contacted his girlfriend, made running to eat humble pie, angry girlfriend saying, “now that you came to my house to apologize to me. “Was originally a parting shot, but he actually ran away from home for about 2 km to a girlfriend’s House. See breath’s smart so love, his girlfriend smile through tears, the two were friends.

But Ronaldinho was continuing back pain early in the morning the next day, followed by symptoms of nausea and vomiting on a few days, and urination frequency and volume reduction, urine color as soy sauce, but Ronaldinho was afraid to delay work didn’t go to the hospital until yesterday’s face was swollen, and weak, to leave the hospital. Wuhan City Center Hospital Lake District renal physicians found that they suffer from Rhabdomyolysis and lead to acute renal failure. Current blood dialysis, Ronaldinho in stable condition, to their regret on the spur.

Nephrology introduced Chen Wenli, Director of the hospital, such as Ronaldinho due to improper movement developed “rhabdomyolysis”, leading to acute renal failure patients at present is not uncommon, but as he develops to rarely require hemodialysis in the treatment of such severity, this long overdue died with him, leading to a lot of Myoglobin blocking renal tubular, did not receive timely treatment has much to do.

Chen warned that movement should be gradual, if a long muscle pain, weakness, and have blood, dark brown urine, “soy urine” or no urine, immediately went to the hospital for treatment, prevention of acute tubular necrosis. In case of acute renal failure, hemodialysis may be done when necessary.

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