Guy jumped over the security of the building from the hospital bar horse bare-handed pickup


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    At noon on May 15, in the Emergency Department of the hospital in Guiyang City, Guizhou province, jinyang building, one young man jumped from a balcony, thanks to timely rescued by hospital security, not only caused the tragedy happened.

    You can see from this picture, this little guy was hung on the balcony on the second floor, the situation is very critical.

    Jinyang hospital security monitor Li Tianfu: “after our patrol to see, quickly informed the hospital. ”

    Subsequently, the hospital security staff rushed to the scene to persuade guy, Master Li and a colleague were kept below.

    Jinyang kangkai, Director of hospital security: “when his clothes, clothes slipped and fell down. ”

    Guy fell from the balcony of the moment, Master Li tie up horse ready to reach out to catch him. But due to the impact of large, Guy’s body hit the Master Li’s leg back to the ground.

    Jinyang Li Tianfu hospital security class: “get off in my hand, then fell on my lap, and dropped to the ground. Now my hands were also smashed a little pain. ”

    Balcony of the second floor of the hospital is five meters high from the ground, if not Master Li for the guy turned up, I can’t imagine the consequences.

    It is understood that this guy was in hit an old man riding a car battery. In hospitals and the families of the victims on the compensation issue, due to the conflict just took the floor.

    Comprehensive examination of the medical, the little guy was only slightly wounded, left the hospital on the same day.

    Kangkai, Director of defend jinyang hospital: “just an ankle bruise. Then he left. ”

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