Guiyang singing women with disabilities: these days, you don’t want to or will no longer sing

[Abstract] Nie Xiangzhi are reluctant to talk about his past, she said: “probably will never go out (singing), but still want to earn some money, do anything I haven’t wanted to, and I was tired. ”


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    The afternoon of April 14, Nie Xiangzhi (right) standing downstairs neighbors complained about her experiences. This pictures are surging by journalist Wang Xin

    A misunderstanding, broke the Guiyang Nie Xiangzhi quiet woman living with a disability.

    Looks similar to Nie Xiangzhi Shandong Liu Xiuying 15 years ago was once mistaken for a missing daughter moucuicui. Result of matching DNA, Guizhou police have ruled out the possibility of Nie Xiangzhi to moucuicui.

    However, these days, whether in the Nie Xiangzhi’s hometown or current residence, or in the network, discussions about her life and limb defects cause, did not stop.

    On April 15, Nie Xiangzhi father Nie Zhonglun, told roaring News (www.thepaper.CN), the daughter born missing limbs, but his family never abandoned her. Memory, starting from 2002, daughter of Nie Xiangzhi practice singing, and has travelled to Chongqing, Guiyang and Zunyi, singing, working to earn money on their own. Meanwhile, Nie Xiangzhi was Chongqing’s County where the shelters had returned home.

    On April 15, Nie Xiangzhi father Nie Zhonglun said that, although the eldest daughter Nie Xiangzhi limbs at birth, but never mentioned the abandoned.

    Nie Xiangzhi of having a family is very worried, stand on their own feet to earn a little money, no stealing, no Rob, life was simple. These days, the Nie Xiangzhi you don’t want to. She said, maybe she’ll never go out singing.

    Most afraid of mother and daughter is affect

    “What do we need DNA testing, age is not. I’m almost 40, the female dolls (moucuicui) (19) 86, she is so big?! ”

    “You look like 30 years old and younger. ”

    Neighbors did not amuse Nie Xiangzhi. The afternoon of April 14, she stood in her danyuanlou stairs, walking up and down restlessly, constantly repeating “my life has been disrupted.”

    Nie Xiangzhi in Baiyun district, Guiyang aluminum XING Qu Jin Tang XI Street, danyuanlou, 3/f. Located in the Northwest edge in Guiyang City, houses are built in the 50 ‘s of the last century, no elevator. In 2012, the Nie Xiangzhi took about 60,000 yuan, bought this set of more than 50 square meters of housing.

    Nie Xiangzhi home, now renovated.

    Nie Xiangzhi wears a knitted sweaters and a coat. Out of doors, she expertly stepping on a pair of lower limbs about 42 yards in the slippers, shoes, head towards the Interior, one arm to hold the wall, slowly go down.

    Nie Xiangzhi quiet was broken by a video of life. This video recorded her last July in a t-intersection in Zunyi city pandas across the street performer’s the toilet scene. This video by netizens after the forward, seen by far in Dongying, Shandong’s Liu Xiuying and her family. Liu Xiuying found that woman singing in the video is like the daughter who went missing 15 years ago moucuicui. Due to moucuicui missing limbs, some netizens guessed her residual limb, and then are forced to beg in the streets.

    Things soon spread to the Nie Xiangzhi residence – West Street, Baiyun district, Guiyang aluminum XING Qu Jin Tong. Nie Xiangzhi said that starting from April 13, have had many neighbors point fingers to her, which made her “feel very uncomfortable.”

    The morning of 14th, Guizhou police informed than DNA, confirming Nie Xiangzhi and moucuicui parents are unrelated. Prior to this, she explained the situation to the local police station. These efforts did not stop the continuation of misunderstanding.

    Nie Xiangzhi surging told news she most feared outside gossip hurt his mother and children: “some of them said that Shandong mother you are looking for you, your hands and feet are cut off. You say these words, I can stand it? My own mother, my daughter heard, what they are? ”

    Still want to rely on their own and make some money

    Nie Xiangzhi also don’t understand, why the video of last July when she was singing in Zunyi in half a year and then suddenly blew up, and somehow be considered lost for many years daughter.

    She was born and raised in xiuwen Liu Guang Zhen, Guiyang City village, biological mother is Wang Changxiu, had never been to Shandong. This explanation, she don’t know these days, how many times repeated.

    Al-Kim Dong-Xing community neighborhood Committee staff, Nie Xiangzhi and husband Tian Jianyong are persons with disabilities, the two buyers moved into the community, the residents ‘ Committee or their minimum living standard security procedures. Now, they can receive more than 1000 Yuan per month minimum. Festivals, neighborhood will bring agri-to Nie Xiangzhi home.

    The staff member said that Nie Xiangzhi physically handicapped, but she has expressed to the neighborhood don’t want to just rely on the low living, what ideas to stand on their own feet to earn some money. Every once in a while, Nie Xiangzhi is away for a few days, through the streets singing form to earn some money.

    Nie Xiangzhi on up the stairs.

    Nie Xiangzhi says daughters studying at Guiyang medical school, now is internship, University entrance exam in the future. Son in elementary school. After spending a lot. “As parents, is that children have a good point. So no matter how bitter and tired, I will let the children read more. ”

    Nie Xiangzhi are reluctant to talk about his past, she said: “probably will never go out (singing), but still want to earn some money, do anything I haven’t wanted to, and I was tired. ”

    Family would not abandon her

    On April 15, Nie Xiangzhi hometown, xiuwen Liu Guang Zhen Xin Ming village in Guiyang (former village) group, heard a reporter arrived, Nie Zhonglun down hoes to get home. He said: “you want to help clarify, the children are my own, not picked up, less likely to be disabled. ”

    Nie Zhonglun said that a total of 6 children with his ex-wife Wang Changxiu, Nie Xiangzhi’s boss. Large limbs when our daughter was born, but my parents never mentioned a abandon her words. Nie Xiangzhi brothers and sisters did not abandon her, Nie Xiangzhi when buying a House, Nie Zhonglun out of more than 10,000 bucks, several brothers and sisters also had some of the money.

    Nie Xiangzhi grew up in discarded tires to walk with legs tied arms exercise clips. Neighbors said Wu Fayou, even off the ground corn or soybeans, Nie Xiangzhi can pick up.

    A cripple, plus the school is far away from home, Nie Xiangzhi took a day to learn. Until around 1994, Nie Xiangzhi was first out of the village, looking for her uncle to Guiyang. Also in Guiyang, there are good people to see Nie Xiangzhi limb defects, give her a few cents less, for one or two dollars. Later, Nie Xiangzhi started learning to sing, microphones and audio equipment were purchased.

    Nie Zhonglun memories, her daughter was practiced at least fifty or sixty songs, as to what song, Nie Zhonglun song dunno, “are they young people listen to songs”.

    Since then, the Nie Xiangzhi began singing on the streets of Guiyang, and make friends with other physical disabilities, visiting places such as Zunyi and Chongqing with singing.

    Xiuwen Liu Guang Zhen Xin Ming village in Guiyang (former village) is where Nie Xiangzhi was born and grew up.

    Ming Cun Wei Hui, former Director of Zhang Xianghuai to a surging News confirmed that he had received a phone call from a rescue station in Chongqing, and the other side say xiuwen people sing-song Nie Xiangzhi returned to Chongqing.

    Nie Zhonglun introduced her two marriages, fathered a daughter and a son, respectively, family harmony. However, father and daughter meet does not have much time, Nie Xiangzhi and rarely home. Nie Zhonglun last saw her daughter, and in February this year, he went to visit when you just had a baby daughter.

    Nie Zhonglun regret that family had a Nie Xiangzhi baby pictures, but after building a new House last year don’t know to where, “if so, took a glance, she’s my daughter, her own! ”

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