Guangzhou well-known hotpot repeat using the bottom 560 times late into the night to reclaim water oil


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    In the DV program yesterday, our exclusive exposure of the well-known hotpot half authentic Chong Qing hotpot restaurant in Guangzhou were suspected of using “water oil” news, after the news broadcast, caused a strong social reaction. After the news, food and drug supervision, public security and other departments to respond promptly and investigation, and what are the results?

    DV (micro signal: GDGGDVXC) exposed in this well-known hotpot restaurant in Guangzhou, after unannounced visits to reporters cover successfully into the kitchen and saw a sight that seems counterproductive. Diners eat soup chili oil that remains will be attendant to the kitchen:

    Used soup into lest buckets later, Diners go out late at night in the kitchen began fishing lest a bucket of oil.

    Cook in the kitchen and salvage hogwash

    Will be filtered lest the bucket “marked oil”, beside the noodle into a stainless steel bucket. At 11 o’clock noon the next day, he cooks began boiling fondue pot, on which food yesterday “marked oil” for further processing.

    Workers Cook hogwash

    Boiling hogwash, which are leftover pot material

    Cook will guests eat in front of “spit oil”, unprocessed, directly to the guests to eat.

    Not only that, this shop also has many other problems, the waiter with a sweep, sweep the bathroom MOP brush pot.

    Disinfection cabinets useless:

    Just when viewers watching our show last night, our correspondent has jointly with other relevant departments, inventory on the hotpot overnight. First, public security departments, the police split road, straight all the way into the kitchen RAID, another control personnel, monitoring of kitchen storage

    Police in the kitchen to search through, but always find us shooting the barrels in the unannounced visits to suspected “spit oil”, what exactly is going on about this? We cannot understand when our colleagues in rear lanes, squat made the amazing discovery. Originally, the moment as we entered the store, restaurant staff are holding out a barrel of “liquid” sewer dump at the back lane:

    Then we are with the police, found the video that sewer, drains the surrounding, covered with a lot of Red oil, manhole cover still had remnants of many meals. As regards the staff out of the barrel of “liquid”, are suspected is the barrel “talk oil” staff want to get inspectors to destroy evidence before entering the kitchen, only viewers to think for themselves.

    Regulators said the store if there are violations of, and will be severely punished, meet the criteria of transferred to the public security organs will be transferred to the public security organs. This shop has been closed for investigation.

    According to the Beijing News:

    Issues related to the pot, and media exposure a lot before, some add poppy in the base, reused some material at the end of it. Venture “half authentic Chongqing hot pot” pot material is renewed only once a week, if not the estimated 560 times, probably hundreds of times. More chafing material recycling, the higher risk of cancer.

    The author suggested that all to the pot shop, consumer, consumer credentials if relevant, should take up legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests, such as claims and wants to vote with their feet on the black pot shop, make them pay a heavy price.

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