Guangzhou man listened to folk remedies with eel anus “catharsis” insurance death

(Original title: Guangzhou man listened to folk remedies, even with eel anus “catharsis”, and drill into the abdominal cavity could have died! 丨 news morning tea)

Eel is a delicacy for many people, but for Mr Liu, Baiyun district, but is a nightmare, because he listened to folk remedies to aspire by eel-pass intestinal obstruction, and almost killed my life … …

Last week, Mr Liu, 49, ran all the way to Guangzhou, Baiyun district, hospital, said he had abdominal pain is unbearable, doctors operated on him at once.

From Liu’s belly to remove half a meter long eel ▲

Doctors found that Liu belly drum up, when it’s opened belly is filled with manure, manure, food waste.

More doctors are surprised that Liu’s stomach appeared a half-meter-long eel, a full half a kilogram, head up to 3-5 cm in diameter, and whole eels in the celiac.

Fortunately surgery back in time, the “eel” narrow escape. So here’s the thing, why so much eel would appear on his body?

Mr LAU himself believed that when a folk remedy, said eels can relieve obstruction, he went back to try it out. So bizarre recipes heard on very wide of the mark, “eels” was actually believed.

Operation doctor Zhao doctor:

His diagnosis is obstruction in the outer Court. Hospital recommended his hospitalization, but he came home with a prescription was eels, through it’s slimy, peristalsis in the gut, intestinal obstruction can be treated.

Small series don’t know what to say

Popular science: these recipes don’t believe!

Recipe 1: skin burns painted toothpaste, soy sauce

Expert explanation: undesirable. Toothpaste is good, although there is no treatment, but at least no harm, because it’s cool, heat, clean high.

Soy sauce is made from fermented, after opening a bottle of soy sauce may not be immediately used up, for a long time, can easily be contaminated, relatively clean, so is certainly not with soy sauce, but will cause wound infections.

In addition, dark brown soy sauce covering the wound, so that doctors could not determine your burn depth.

Recipe 2: heart attacks, severe coughing can help

Expert explanation: bad. The function of the heart is to maintain the systemic circulation, is the most important organ. First of all ask for quiet rest in treatment of heart disease, sedentary, some heart patients, we don’t even require strict bed rest, even on the toilet cannot be.

Therefore, this statement is absolutely not desirable, coughing hard will add to the burden on the heart, the degree of increased heart disease, even endangering patients ‘ lives.

Recipe 3: food poisoning to induce vomiting

Expert explanation: vomiting is one way to rid the body of toxins, with your fingers, chopsticks, a tongue depressor into his mouth in the vomit, can, to a certain extent, but if patients in clear cases, you can induce vomiting, otherwise it will cause errors during the process of vomiting, resulting in airway obstruction, affecting breathing.

Once a poisons inhalation airway difficult to complete, may also continue absorption through the airway. When using the spatula, to avoid causing throat injury.

Recipe 4: to back of nose bleeding, tissue

Expert explanation: this statement is wrong. Head back, nose just don’t flow elsewhere, but still flow through nostrils to the body, had no effect. Back and will not solve the nasal bleeding, may also lead to blood flowing to the airway, be blocked, or blood flow to the stomach, and cause the patient to vomit.

Forehead and neck with water through cold water stimulation, contraction of blood vessels near the nose, mild bleeding temporarily.

Recipe 5: card stuck swallowing balls, vinegar

Expert explanation: don’t do it! If the bones are just stained with the wall of the esophagus, and did not pierce the wall of the esophagus, eating rice and steamed bun method may get away with it, but when you have no way to judge, you cannot use this method, once forced to swallow fish more deeper, esophageal wall close to our main arteries, if bones punctured blood vessels, could be dangerous.

By drinking vinegar to soften the bones, it is impossible. Short residence time of first drink vinegar. Secondly, the vinegar’s acidity is not sufficient calcium in the bone melts, put the fish on the vinegar soak for a few days, absolutely not softened the bones.

Recipe 6: heat stroke coma can pinch out the rescue

Expert explanation: this is not science. Pinch the people are sure to boost the effect of pain, sunstroke or drowning in a coma, pinch is useless. Drowning the brain of oxygen and heat damage to the heat stroke is the function of brain cells. Both of which are nerve function disorder of the brain, and pinch to help.

Recipe 7: drugs immediately after being bitten by poisonous snakes-liquid

Expert explanation: this method is also not desirable. Venom is not out of the first, and very fine teeth very sharp, bite of mandibular movement similar to the syringe, is squeezed in toxins within the body, and dispersed in the organization. Close to the skin’s Venom can be suctioned out, of course, but this ease intoxication. If rescue is mouth ulcers or worn, may also cause their own poison.

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