Guangzhou liuhua Lake-rape killer sentenced to death in the killing said it would appeal in court

The defendant Zheng Facen was sentenced to death.

“Liuhua Lake rape and murder the killer was sentenced to death,” Guangzhou liuhua Lake Park rape murders of concern today in Guangzhou City Intermediate Court in a trial, the defendant Zheng Facen was sentenced to death, which said it would appeal in court. 5:52 P.M. September 12, 2015, 21 years old girl Zhao of luoding, Guangdong origin from the North Gate of the school after leaving lost, two days after the body was found at the liuhua Lake Park. Killer Zheng Facen total 6 rapes involved in 2011, having been convicted of rape were sentenced, released only around half a month the crime. In addition to a 21 o’clock, the remaining number of crime during the day are located at public places such as parks, behind the school, near the bridge, one of the victims was pregnant. (Reporter Wei Hui Hui)

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