Guangxi girls primary school pants picture was expelled from the party to withdraw the teachers ‘ qualification

Schools concerned photo: Guangxi television

On March 17, Nanning, binyang and JI Zhen ping Qiao village primary school principal of molesting a female student event occurs, the President took off his school a grade six girls pants and take photographs.

On March 25, binyang official briefing, expelled, reducing the grade, revoke a teacher’s decision. At present, the event is still under treatment.

Official: fired principal party, revocation of teacher qualifications

Reported on March 20, 2017, after 14 o’clock, binyang County Public Security Bureau and Kat received warning of the police station said: JI Zhen ping Bridge primary school, and a female student at noon on March 17 was the principal of molesting, require a police officer.

After the alarm, and Kat immediately organized the civilian police of the police station at around 14:30, suspects summoned to the police station for investigation in accordance with law.

Preliminary identification, March 17, 2017 at 13 o’clock, alone in a level the school female students to classrooms on the third floor of the school lounge for indecent assault. On March 23, binyang County public security organs on administrative detention of 10th penalty according to law, and JI town center the same day the school waived its JI Zhen ping Qiao, and school functions.

After the incident, binyang County, the County Government attaches quickly set by the County Commission for discipline inspection, public security, education and other sectors, as well as working groups composed of local party committees and Governments to carry out investigation and disposal. On March 25, according to the survey, binyang County departments were expelled, reducing the grade, revoke a teacher’s decision.

Allison (name changed)

Girls in primary schools was President of torco photos

According to the Guangxi television earlier reported that JI Zhen ping Qiao village, and five-grade primary school student Allison (not his real name), on March 17 after coming home from school in the afternoon, the family found the child mood does not.

Allison told her mother that said the President called her into the Office, took off her pants and took cell phone pictures of her photos, and put her to bed. Family for Allison checked immediately, we are lucky, Allison had not been more seriously hurt.

Allison says, a 1 o’clock noon, she and her classmates came to the school, ready to parent signed receipt to the principal and teacher of the word of the President. After her receipt, and principals let students back to the classroom, Allison was he brought into the teacher’s lounge.

In television footage, Allison recalled principal Chang a few beds in the lounge. She said: “we sat in bed there, he with I said, I of feet also pain not, I said not pain has, day I and students play not carefully get feet, he said he will spells, taught to I, then he on to door there East see West see, put lock up, called I station up, on called I relax, don’t tension, on put I pants to prolapse to, on called I turned came, don’t moving, don’t tension, relax, also called I don’t open eyes, then I open open has is, see he took has phone to photo, he took finished as has on put I hold to bed Shang. ”

Better better said: “I said I closed can’t eye, I on up wear pants, then I see he pants zipper open has, I on said I to to wrote job, teacher said hold about also can, I said not hold, I to to wrote job, then he on to door, I on shoes, he said Dang today occurred of things didn’t occurred had, don’t told others, then I on out has. ”

After the fact, Allison said he can’t go to school, because “meet Chancellor”.

Wrath of the parents seek explanation, the President admitted indecent assault

Guangxi TV station reported that the children get a statement, Allison’s uncle soon to level the primary level–and Regis town centre reflects the situation.

On March 20, Allison’s uncle Chen and JI town centre school-school leaders came to ping Qiao village, the principals are asked together with the village, and asked for the transcript. Eventually, the President admitted that he was surnamed Zhang.

The transcript shows, we asked students why the pants and photographed President surnamed Zhang said “it was selling”.

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