Guangdong Jiangmen “best” traffic violations: 8 884 points penalty 74,000

Jiangmen, Guangzhou daily news (Media reporter Yan Jianguang correspondent Peng Xuan) yesterday, a reporter from the Jiangmen Lianjiang police brigade that morning of March 16, the Brigade in Jiangmen city pengjiang district du Ruan du road Zhenjiang set up checked posts when searching the car, seized a motorcycle officer Pan without a license. Upon enquiry, the police found the driver of the motorcycle was not examined for many years not to buy insurance, and 370 traffic offence untreated, accumulated 884 points, fined 74,000, is 17 times more than double the value of vehicles.

According to pan (Guangxi, 28 years old) account on December 8, 2009, he takes 4200 Yuan to buy a brand new men’s motorcycle, started if not obtain a driver’s license. 3 days later, he produced a first offence, to today’s total of 8 years, a total of 370 cases of illegal raw, 884 points. “My work time is particularly long, at six in the morning, and often work until two or three o’clock in the morning, so can often avoid police checks, thinking that it can be safe, really only be photographed by electronic monitoring. ”

Lianjiang, Jiangmen, according to traffic police, the traffic Police Department would give owners of illegal to send text messages on a regular basis, but some owners have had contact and not reported to the Police Department, leading to violations and does not know. At present, the Pan has been public security organs held in administrative detention for driving without a license and fined 1000 Yuan, also has to bear up to 74,000 in traffic fines.

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