Grumpy Indian captive elephants will parade the audience bursting kick

“Global network reported,” according to Britain’s daily mirror reported on April 12, recently, a religious procession held in the southern Indian State of Kerala, an elephant suddenly gave viewers a shot of “flying leg” to kick. Camera captures this scene.

When the event occurs, all the audience away in a hurry, a man was kicked to the ground by elephants. The man didn’t look hurt, because he quickly stood up.

Animal welfare experts, these elephants in captivity should be condemned because they say many captive elephants were hungry and suffering, or being blinded and drugged. Wildlife expert Rajiv (Rajeev n Kurup) in “Facebook” says: “when are we going to realize that these animals do not want to stay in the city? “(Practice compilation: Wang Yu Yung review: Zhu Ying)

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