Girls misappropriation of 1.32 million of public money tips, sell House sell guy’s home is not finished

Obsessed with a network Anchorman, 19 year old girl He Hong (a pseudonym) in six months time, has diverted nearly 1.32 million yuan of public funds to buy gifts tips anchorman. The men used the money to buy a luxury car. On March 15, tiexi district people’s Court disclosed that one case, remind our young men and women not addicted to the Internet, not to break the law.


Migrant women fell in love with handsome men

Who lives in rural areas of Dandong, fengcheng He Hong, has not found a stable job after high school. In early 2015, He Hong came to Shenyang defected to relatives, the relatives set up a company that sells tickets.

Arrangements He Hong at work in the company of relatives, it tube to eat keep wages over more than 2000 Yuan a month. He Hong, won the trust of relatives, family arrangements He Hong teller, in charge of the company accounts.

Musical He Hong likes the Internet, she downloaded a free social APP k singer machine application software “sing”. Sing this live streaming platform, He Hong deeply fell in love with a male anchor. This anchorman handsome, also good language, singing and dancing.

He Hong the Internet every day looking at this men’s movements, often can be seen to the flowers and enjoy the gift can be the men responded. He Hong used his meager income from the platform was purchased on “sowing currency”, buying some gifts from time to time to reward the men.

The 2nd Act

Tips for blogging every day men smile

As contacts for a long time, He Hong and the men gradually become familiar with, the number of tips and more, more and more money is not enough to buy gifts. He Hong from time to time to transfer money to their own account from the account in an emergency, such as wages and back again.

Every online interaction, He Hong could not always control tips male anchors. Get men’s attention and greeting, He Hong very happy, delighted, gave gifts to men. Reward gift hand over fist, He Hong said the men faithful friends. Men especially from Changchun to Shenyang to see what red, the two men spent two days together.

From the very beginning of the flowers to the last value network of thousands of villas, yachts, He Hong get netizens applauded each time tips praise He Hong vanity has been met.

However, buying these expensive gift He Hong’s income alone is not enough, He Hong again reached for the company’s account. From the very beginning transfer of hundreds of thousands of Yuan, and finally to transfer tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands of.

The 3rd Act

Home for money to sell land

Identified by the trial from September 2015 to March 2016, in a short time, He Hong has turned away more than 1.319 million yuan from the company accounts for the purchase of “singing” talk “coin” gave her favourite male anchor.

Up to millions of money were misappropriated, secretly told his parents He Hong. Parents had to sell land, borrow money around to help He Hong to fill a huge hole. But there are more than 170,000 yuan in.

March 2016 He Hong money inexplicably lost relatives stumbled on company accounts, there was no doubt He Hong, alerted the police to the public security organs. During the police investigation, He Hong was afraid to leave the unit had gone into hiding.

When that money is stolen by He Hong embezzled, relatives regret withdrawing but it was too late. Because He Hong embezzled more than 170,000 Yuan has been more than three months, have constituted the crime of misappropriation of funds. On April 1, 2016, He Hong was detained by the police. After the incident, He Hong parents borrowed more than 170,000 yuan back to the relatives, the relatives understand.

Court: misappropriation of funds was sentenced to 8 months

See 1.32 million Yuan so gave the men, were unfastened He Hong parents, want to alarm but find it difficult to file. Because He Hong in an adult, and give the money men are active, there is no evidence of fraud in the men, it is impossible to hold the men accountable.

Then He Hong parents deliberately arrived in Changchun found the men. Men had He Hong tips gift cash, purchased a hundreds of thousands of luxury cars. Said to him what red things, the men expressed sympathy, and willing to return some of the money.

Recently, tiexi district people’s court hearing the case. During the hearing, He Hong did not see the men figure, aware of the emotion of the network is not true love, for his crime cried, regret.

Tiexi district people’s Court believes that He Hong used his position, embezzlement of company funds for personal use, large amounts, not more than three months, his behavior had constituted the crime of misappropriation of funds, sentenced to eight months.

The judge recommended: buffer period introduced measures for tips

Tiexi district people’s Court said Tribunal presiding judge Huang x m, in recent years, rewards network anchors occur in criminal or civil cases have occurred, has become a major concern of social problems. As most of the tips of a voluntary civil acts, responsibility of the anchor could not be held accountable.

Huang x m, if the rewards are a minor, he belongs to a limited capacity, can pass laws invalid identification. From a legal point of view, carried out by minors without parental permission high consumption can be recovered, but in reality, there are still certain difficulties.

Huang x m remind our young men and women, not addicted to the Internet, don’t take to friends. Especially a child, should pay special attention to prevention. Also, parents should strengthen the supervision of children, strengthening of minors, managing money, paid such large amounts of money, a bank card password, network password, try not to control children’s opportunities.

In addition, Huang x m related departments, can be introduced as transfer against Telecom fraud 24 hour account of such measures, rewards a similar regret buffering mechanism.

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