Gang “spirit World Bank” for the illegal fund raising 13 million to farmers

Currently, inclusive financial, precise, such as poverty alleviation, Internet financial cover for illegal fund-raising are spreading from cities to rural areas. Anatomy of linqu “immortal banks” cases, we found that, due to the lack of financial literacy, awareness is weak, many farmers save hard earned money into the ulterior motives of traps, illegal fund-raising in the countryside should be cause for alarm.

Put with containing, and divination of coat, guise himself dedicated fairy can cure, and blessing and bless of name, Shandong province linqu Xin Zhai Town South flow village villagers pay xxx using part masses disease urgent mess drops medical service and superstition ghosts of psychological, opened so-called of “fairy Bank”, let masses put money deposit the “Bank”, and promised such not only can cure Insurance peace, also can earned money, to trip illegal fund-raising of real, illegal absorption deposits more than 13 million Yuan.

Cheat for money, some for private enjoyment, some high-interest lending to enterprises, self-employed earnings, the end result of enterprises, the self-employed are insolvent and run, after the capital chain rupture, leading to investors ‘ returns. To God to act as the spokesman of pay so and so would not have been called “gods” blessed, by the public security organs according to law and prosecuted.

Illegal fund-raising in rural areas the soil is what? Why some farmers are gullible? Watch “spirit World Bank” burst –

“Immortal” in the name of way for illegal fund-raising

Linqu county police caught her garden fairy statue. Her family’s two-room, filled with statues of various gods, she used to get money, these high interest arm storage tool. Why is this tool?

Graduated from junior high school after working outside, have opened restaurants, garment processing, contact various people in the community, she found some people very interested in divination, divination, lucrative related practitioners.

Since the beginning of 2008, someone claiming to be Buddhist, and external claims to be the “master”, has to see people praying in Xin Zhaizhen linqu County and city disaster preparedness, see Feng Shui divination, to get money.

Often going out to look at the others, divination, idle people in close contact with society, better informed information channels. She found that skipping supervision, external high-interest lending in return for secretly fat. Initially, she used her savings to monthly external high interest loans for 4 to 5 minutes, depending, to earn high profits.

Get “first barrels gold” Hou, she began found those yiqian find she so-called see had disease, and is had life of “customer”, claiming to be opened has “fairy Bank”, has fairy bless save people peace, and earned money, to monthly 1.5 points to 3 points ranging of high interest for bait, times lured others save, then to more high of interest take out, from earned take post.

“People who find her somewhat superstitious, coupled with her eloquent, it is easy to fool fooled. “The police involved in detecting the case.

Benefits to depositors, encourage the development of production line

Linqu County, according to the public security organ introduction, at the beginning, ious were paid to depositors, and a clear record of interest, interest payments in a timely manner. At the time of payment or repayment of principal, on the one hand would say, God bless you all and made a fortune, this is true; the other hand also will try to persuade depositors to continue even with interest again into “immortal Bank” and to mobilize the depositor when her line, encouraging them to help them deposit and deposit a certain amount of fee.

Scam is like a snowball, the more bigger. Some depositors after you taste the sweetness of high interest rates, or relatives to join, or borrow money to invest, and some even credit card cash to invest in … … Let many people pay in the greed of fans. According to the introduction, which earn interest rates of more than 1 million Yuan.

Many hundreds of thousands of Yuan, at least hundreds of Yuan, as long as the money paid out. Indeed, a security guard who works in a Bank, have become victims.

The security guard salary more than 1000 Yuan per month, pay day, he gave the money to your bank account. Regular access to money to the Bank, leaving tens of thousands of Yuan, as many as hundreds of thousands of Yuan, withdrawal, and sometimes also ask the security guard to help two people only take a few times, wages were paid for security pocket.

Cheat money gone? Pay using “spirit World Bank” deposits and loan sharking in linqu city high interest income purchased two properties, acquisition of an off-road car.

In the name of funding nursing home, robbing Peter to pay Paul

Things brought to light began in the borrower’s run. In 2012, the Xin Zhai Zhen Qi run bottle businesses, borrowing to pay run after more than 2 million yuan in 2013, mountain town operating pharmacies Zhang after lending more than 200,000 yuan to run in 2014, borrow Wang Xin Zhaizhen breeding of meat duck run after more than 1 million Yuan … …

Due to lack of payment, pay such and such funding gap is growing. In order to prevent collapse, robbing Peter to pay Paul. She further increased deposit interest rates, up 6 points. Forced in desperation, she used to finance construction of nursing homes for the carefully crafted lie, deposit, claim that after the construction of deposits or deposits in the House of the elderly can stay for free, and give higher returns.

But one scam has been exposed. On June 22, 2016, the linqu County Public Security Bureau police station of beiguan received Chengguan Street West Village reported, refusing to repay the principal and interest paid amounted to more than 420,000 yuan. After receiving the report, linqu County public security organs promptly investigate evidence, full of Mo Pai victims and pay information, and criminal suspects to pay so and so successfully captured. Trial, paid for posing as a nun in order to “immortal Bank”, financing the construction of nursing homes in the name of promised high returns, high interest as bait, illegal absorbing more than 40 people amounts to more than 13 million Yuan deposit confessed the crime. When arrested, pay only cash in the hands of more than 300 yuan.

Linqu County Public Security Bureau economic investigation group II Squadron squadron leader Ma Qian introduced today, some so-called “mighty” “God stick” “trickster” using some of the masses sense of superstition, to seek psychological comfort, pretext of ghost disaster praying for others, but the aim is to take the opportunity to amass wealth or cheat, which contributes to evil, seriously damaging the interests of the masses.

Victims who repent and regret, only now fully appreciate that house full of gods like, pay such and such in order to amass wealth blind.

At present, the suspect detained on suspicion of crime of illegal absorbing public savings are. Police reminded, when faced with the lure of high returns, investors should believe not pie in the sky, through the rational investment in compliance with Agency, beware of fraud.

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