Fortune sooner rather than later after 45 years according to a study almost no chance to get rich

Reference information March 18 British media saying, if you are at the age of 45 have not become rich, maybe you’ll never be rich.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on March 12, life is more important than money. If anyone’s lifetime pursuit of dirty money at the expense of what’s truly important (family, friendship, sense of purpose and a sense of belonging), that this life is doomed to fall into misery.

However, money was a good thing, isn’t it? In order to be able to live where you want to live, with every kind of material comfort you can imagine, also do not have to worry about money – well, that is undeniable.

Unfortunately, most people never do really rich-according to researchers at the US Federal Reserve a US study reported by 2015, if you are not rich at the age of 45, you may never be rich.

Reports said the researchers to study the social security administration data from 1978, analyzed the men’s income.

They found that for the average American male workers, “most of the growth occurred in the first decade of their work”-is usually between 25 to 35 years old.

From the age of 35 men’s revenue growth will slow down-and then after about 45 years old, Middle-stops rising or falling income, especially those on lower incomes.

Reported that in 2015, the dannier·Pakete of the Washington Post wrote: “unless you want to be a rich Zuckerberg, or the lesson is clear: young carrot lead you around by the nose, with money you don’t want to miss. Get a raise: sooner rather than later. ”

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