Former seals will be diverted to take pornographic movies known to discredit the army

(Original title: former seal team military Chief Operations Officer will be diverted to pornography: discredit surveys)

Seal of the United States a few days ago had just been generated drug scandals, recently revealed a retired officers, 42 years old, over the past 7 years, at least 29 pornographic movies.

Although the military is investigating the matter, said the army was black. But the veteran’s wife recently said in an interview, many senior generals knew of the seals, and seemed to tolerate his “second career”. United States as early as the 14th of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported the incident.

Former seals will be diverted to take pornographic movies known to the troops in the dark

7 years at least 29 pornographic movies

Is the main character of the case, a 42-year old John sohmidt (Joseph John Schmidt III)-former Chief Justice of the seals special operations officer. He served in the army for 23 years, has won many ribbons and medals, including overseas combat badge.

Reports that Schmidt to Jay Voom this name over the past 7 years starring in at least 29 pornographic films, he spent a lot of time and my wife made these films, to offer it to his wife, website and film distribution service providers.

Schmidt declined to comment on the news.

Former seals will be diverted to take pornographic movies known to the troops in the dark

At present, the Naval Special Warfare command, Colorado was appointed an official to investigate the case, key issues include Schmidt is in breach of the rules, that is, without prior approval from the Commander can engage in outside work; and whether the seals know and tolerate the behavior of his films.

“We carried out a full investigation into the allegations. “The seals spokesman Colonel Jason Salata said, our people management and expressly prohibit such services.

Army officials said Schmidt did not specify in the instrument to fill out his will to engage in adult films. However, this command does Schmidt sells herbal supplements on the side of the license granted.

Reports, as with other branches of the military, the Navy prohibited damage “good order and discipline” or discredited, including potential news stories and so on. For example, in 2007, the US air force Member Michelle Manhart Playboy poster, she was condemned and was demoted.

Wife: to cut spending to find her husband filming seals knew

Schmidt and his wife of 15 years Jewels Jade said in an interview this week, for a long time, many senior generals of the seal knows her husband’s movies, and seemed to tolerate his “second career”. For example, she said, she was chosen as Penthouse magazine 2011 after the stunner of the month, she was invited to the commando’s Colorado Springs campus, where signatures for the troops.

“It’s ironic,” she said, “too much.”

Former seals will be diverted to take pornographic movies known to the troops in the dark

It is reported that Schmidt’s wife is an adult film actress. Debut in 2001, was taken after the large amount of adult movies. But in 2003, she became a wife and mother, and exit the business.

Reports, according to VA documents, Schmidt and his wife runs a real estate company since 2005. In just two years, however, they filed for bankruptcy, because multiple leasing losses they racked up nearly $1.8 million in personal debt. According to Federal filings, when Schmidt’s annual salary was less than $60,000.

Due to the increased debt, Jade became a stripper and stay in Las Vegas for a long time, send money back home. And then she had to go to shoot adult movies.

She said, “this can help my family, so we emerge from the financial crisis, can also take care of the children.”

In 2009, when Schmidt to Colorado while serving, she was still engaged in the sex industry. She says she has no choice.

She found that once a woman’s name and sex video and Internet names together, people who knew her all over the world. For example, she said, she tried last year San Diego Hotel Management job interview, but before the interview, someone recognized her, and everybody in the Office knew the gossip, she knew that she could not work here anymore.

Then she set up a Web site and online movie distribution line, in order to reduce operational costs, she hired her husband performing without pay.

She said that many seals who have watched these videos online. And said to them, “low profile, not to mention name seals, Balla Balla”.

“I mean, honestly, all of his friends knew that, everybody. “Jade said.

According to the CCTV report, just a few days ago, the seals were drug scandal erupted. The three players concerned, one serving, two are retired. They said during a CBS interview, seals, drug abuse has become increasingly serious.

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