Five man for breaking up with his girlfriend put the mentally ill street attacked passersby stool


“Idiom intent” as one of the 36 gauge, jiachibudian refers to the normal person pretended to be confused.

“New solution” in the news, the party would learn this trick, can achieve the goal, we really don’t know, but the result is very serious.

The Yangtze evening news (correspondent Zhai Yingwei Xiaofang Wang Xinhua Wan Lingyun) 50 years, Jiangsu Huaian man Lee, in order to break up with his girlfriend, do look insane! 22nd, Zhenjiang police, in order to prove that they are “mentally ill”, Lee not only openly on the side of the stool, grabbed the dirt with his hands after attacking innocent passing women.

March 20 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhenjiang Dagang police station received a report, said some trouble near the Zhenjiang Dagang huayang views. Police station rushed to the scene immediately after the alarm, the police arrived at the scene found a man and a woman are intertwined. Police woman in Anhui Province Liu, weeping, to the police, riding electric cars after the accident section, Lee suddenly caught up from behind and pull her up. Initially, Liu thought the man was going to get his bag, does not, but she found on the sleeve of his coat with a pool of filth, feces.

Police said never met Liu was terrified of this matter, began to suspect that Lee is mentally ill. But seeing Lee will run, Liu caught up, then two people up to police.

Simply consult the situation, police brought the two back to the police station for further investigation. Upon further questioning, police found another suspicious. An account of Lee, around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, his views in his own gang huayang road in the annex the stool, then hand-a Peck stool, “attack” just passing woman Liu. So, Lee really have a mental illness, otherwise how could so the Manger of the nasty dirty things?

At the station house, Lee told the police that, has no mental illness, was doing the dirty thing, because he recently broke up with his girlfriend, girlfriend disagrees. Then, he remembered the psychotic girlfriend hated fear, so as to achieve the purpose of breaking up.

It is in this special “motivation” under the guidance of this occurs before the absurdity of a scene.

Before the press, reporters from the police was informed that Lee on suspicion of crime of affray, has been Zhenjiang police detention.

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