Fishermen lost at sea between Hebei, Shandong network dispute one death and two injuries caused by conflict

(Original title: two fishermen lost at sea in Shandong, Hebei network disputed clash, one dead, two injured)

On March 27, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua town leadership was informed by the South River town, on March 22, Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua and fishermen lost at sea between Shandong binzhou zhanhua network controversy and other reasons, naval clashes occurred, resulting in one death and two injuries, damage to fishing vessels.

Earlier, the virtue of huanghua Town South River fisherman Dr 26th said in an interview with journalists surging, 22nd, in the Bohai Sea, 6 Shandong province clashed several crew members on fishing vessels and their fishing boat, which unfortunately was hit by iron bars on the right of the three elder brothers Yang was later sent to Dongying, Shandong, has died on arriving in Dongying port.

Huanghua, Hebei Public Security Bureau official responsible for the 27th in an interview with journalists surging, said “the case is currently Shandong maritime police responsible for investigating, huanghua police work. ”

The same day, the fishery station in zhanhua area, binzhou, Shandong baofeng Zhang confirmed to journalists surging Shandong binzhou zhanhua clash and Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua network controversy, but he did not disclose the specific injury information, but stressed that the Shandong maritime police has responsibility for the case.

Shandong province Marine Police Corps involved in the investigation of the case officer surnamed Xue told journalists the surging, “Shandong Marine Police Corps (March 22) received a report just out of the police, the case is not closed, after closing (formal) announced. ”

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