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Wine Tasting Stages

You can be tempted to sip and swallow wine immediately you come into contact with it, but you can find it exciting if you take some time to understand it before you take it down your throat.Unlike with water, you will enjoy the beverage to the fullest by engaging all your five senses.Just like when using your five senses to smell, to feel, to see, to taste and to hear, you can use them to fully get memorable experience.The exciting experience of full wine tasting can be elusive.However, real wine tasting is not all about making holding a glass of wine, sipping and then swallowing.For you to make the most out of it and have that memorable experience, you need to go through the three tasting phases.

Firstly is by looking at the appearance of the wine.How the wine looks will determine whether you are going to like or not. The Color will give you a clue as to the taste you will expect before you even takes a sip.The next step is swirling which will give you time to further examine the color and texture of the beverage.

Naturally if you are confronted with a taste you did not expect, more chances are that you will not like it or enjoy the way to anticipated.Taking time to observe your wine will enable you to understand its true contents of wine, especially from the color.Different texture properties like presence of bubbles, oily appearance will also give information on the strength of the ingredients. In addition, because wine keeps turning in color, you can get a clue as to the age it is, at that moment.

The next stage after observing is using your nose to tell you how the taste will be like. You will further be able to determine whether the taste you are really preparing for is the one, otherwise you may change your mind if your smell something out of what you are anticipating. It is important to smell the drink because the smell of the contents will largely influence your opinion about the taste of the wine. For example nutty and spicy can be associated with old white wine.

Last but not least is actual tasting which involves sipping, holding it in the mouth for some time and then swallowing.Sipping, and swallowing is the most important stage which will climax the excitement since the sip is granted sufficient amount of time to come into contact with the tissues of the mouth and the throat. The mouth is capable of tasting all types of tastes, and therefore there is no way the taste of the wine will escape the taste pads of the mouth.Furthermore, at the back of the mouth are receptors which will feel the temperature and texture of the wine.

Your wine tasting tour, will be highly exciting if you are patient enough to observe and smell before you finally swallow.

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