Fengcheng, Jiangxi was killed in Myanmar a 6 Strip killed only 2 years old

Incident ended in tragedy

Reporter Shi Peng reported: March 18 late, home in fengcheng city sword light Street et community land home Xiang of residents Yang Zhifan to users emergency help: March 16, 2017 morning, he of brother Yang Zhifu, and sister-in-law Xu Yanping, and sister Yang Zhiying, and nephew Yang Wenyu (3 age), and Yang Zhehan (2 age), and niece Yang Xi (5 age), in Myanmar small Meng pulled fourth SAR resound village (House A-0016) was gangster cruel killed.

Have a happy family

19th morning, reporters get in touch with Yang Zhi fan, he told reporters that he was the morning of March 17 about the incident, and arrived at noon that day in menghai County of Xishuangbanna daluo police station, police station to inform them, such as notifications. That afternoon, he arrived in small by local motorcycle mongla. Small mongla law received them, simply informed of the situation, again, they wait for notification.

Yang Zhifan told reporters that his four brother and sister, He’s the boss, namely, his three brothers and four sisters of the deceased. 8 years ago, three brothers and four sisters with their families to do business in Myanmar had been operating live in rented rooms and game rooms. At present, the suspect had been captured, but the tragedy causes and remedial measures, the Myanmar side has not yet given an official information.

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