Female white collar not love being mother when “crazy” went to the hospital a check really is

(Original title: 28 years old female white-collar workers haven’t been in love, find a doctor search “heart”)

Examination season, but did you heard of mental medical examination?

28-year old fruit (not his real name) yesterday at the Sir run run Shaw hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University, got the approaching 10,000 words of mental medical examination report. Fruit told the evening news because dating more than 10 times, romance is zero. “My mother and I as object is often noisy. She worried, saying I have a problem. I’m not angry, just to do the mental examination. ”

Her daughter couldn’t find object

The mother-daughter relationship “cool down”

Fruit is the Wenzhou people, product content work in Hangzhou. Was very delicate, white skin, eyelids, one shoulder black long hair. Parents forbid her puppy love, junior high school boy sent a love letter, my mother directly into homes to protest.

“My undergraduate in Chinese, five men in the class. Societies meet calls, soon also be robbed by other girls. “The fruit was spit out, no accumulation of love since childhood, fighting really inferior to other girls.

Fruit is an only child, Dad project management, MOM Business College send their participated in Exchange programs in the United States. Study life who have one year alone, let the fruit become sovereign, foreign universal habit of getting married after the age of 30, also exerts influence on her.

High school students to play with fruit, have been married, there is a newly conceived a second child.

Mother doesn’t think girls should first career, but thought the girls over the age of 25 is way down. So have been looking for work in Hangzhou, Wenzhou boy.

Fruit is bite the bullet and participated in more than 10 blind dates. But the result has been collapsed, some boys playing “according to cheat”, micro-letter head and live-action risked, too old. With parents working, my aura of civil servants, a Peacock. Also, eye, floating in the air of embarrassment.

Fruit is a classic piece described himself. “You work hard, love life, do all things, good things people find difficult. Some people worship, some like it, some people hate or talking to someone. But in the eyes of your mother, you are a not at all crazy. “Mother-daughter disagreements, unrelenting, relations to the freezing point.

Psychological examination consists of three links

Took 2.5 hours

Fruit that, when studying abroad, some of my friends have been a psychological examination. A few days ago in the Hospital just in time to see mental examination of the project, also wants to give it a try.

Psychological examination of fruit do?

First, psychological evaluators match for her depth-psychological examination packages for personal growth. Then separately entered the room, click on the psychological examination of test in the computer system. Sir run run Shaw hospital mental health professional services team of Wu Hao chief physician reminders according to first choice test results closest to the heart.

And regular medical examinations, psychological test results, such as ego habit patterns, affect emotional feelings and visible external words and behavior patterns, and also use data and graphs to display.

Finally, in-depth interview. Physician Wu Hao said that assessment is preliminary understanding, followed by psychological evaluators and people exchanges, understanding of people’s growing history of parenting, family relationships, interpersonal relationships, coping, and cognitive ability and personality.

The entire process takes about 2.5 hours. Wait two weeks after fruit got the report. Analysis of her character’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the perception of marriage, relationships, and with a full description.

Comparison of two questions highlight: fruit personality types tend to perfectionism, job requirements and life to do 100 points. She has a mind, always looking for a cute, handsome but know not like themselves.

Also have a sex life with fear. It turns out that fruit parents often quarrel, let her have a “relationship is unreliable”, “families more likely to be unhappy,” and many other decisions from a native family, so she was scared again Director parents ‘ tragedy. Therefore, the heart does not open, blind date fruit, it is difficult to solve the problem.

6 need to check the “psychological problem”

Wu Hao said, psychological examination there are high school and college students, recruited new, husband and wife couples and family fun package.

Wu Hao suggested, the following situations can take the initiative to make a psychological examination.

1, wants to more fully understanding and awareness of self;

2, met important choice but was puzzled;

3, feeling stressed and unable to cope with;

4, marriage and family relationship conflicts and I do not know how to solve;

5, the felt sense of panic and anxiety;

Appears 6, loss of appetite, insomnia, diarrhea and other physical symptoms, but did not find the body of substantive issues.

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