Father stabbed to death 15 years old son due to too many reminders to eat was not obeyed

China Jiangxi Web Reporter Liu Juan, trainee reporter Huang Xiaowen reported the night of March 22, 2017, Shangrao luoqiao Street Zhang Cun Cun, a human tragedy occurred, a 15-year-olds for trifles and father spat, was stabbed to death by his father with a knife.

Xinhua was informed by the source, the cause of the tragedy was father Guo repeated the son went downstairs for dinner, my son did not follow, and the two of them clashed. Father and son in the living room on the first floor during an argument, and father a concussion, picked up the knife on the table in the living room to a son, during the child’s mother tried to dissuade scratched hand. Subsequently, the son was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but died from wounds healed an invalid. Kwak of suspects in a joint initiative under the advice of Secretary to the police station to surrender. After the alarm, Shangrao County Public Security Bureau immediately organized police forces rushed to the scene to investigate.

Reporters from Shangrao County Public Security Bureau was informed that, at present, Guo had been detained and the case is under further investigation.

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