Father sent his son on drugs when the 18-year-olds talk about life after the drug

Red NET March 17 at changde (reporter Liu Xianan) said Tiger poison not food son, however the father to the son’s 18 birthday was on drugs, such wonderful things happen in this strange parent-child/woman. On March 15, Shen Liu, anxiang County Public Security Bureau police patrol Squadron through early Mo Pai, camp, my success out of a drug den, captured three drug officers, Li Mouping (male, 30 years old, An You wandered), Zhou Hong (male, 43 years old, an Xiang Shen Liu Zhen), Zhou Moubin (male, 18 years old, deep Liu Zhen).

March 15 at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Liu, anxiang County Public Security Bureau police station police patrol Squadron Yang Zhirong, Chen led the Rangers in the County deep Liu Zhen city patrols of the village, residents found a House suspected drug addicts, police immediately control of the houses and arrested three drug addicts in the House. Li Mouping (male, 30 years old, An You wandered), Zhou Hong (male, 43 years old, an Xiang Cheng Guan Zhen), Zhou Moubin (male, 18 years old, Cheng Guan Zhen).

Following a review of civilian police are surprised to find, Zhou, Zhou Moubin red drug users was a father and son. A few years ago, Zhou red because of drug addiction and his ex-wife divorced, his ex-wife in order to give his son a better life environment with his son Zhou Moubin married Yueyang. The day of the incident is the Zhou Moubin 18 years old’s birthday, he came back to visit her grandparents, father Zhou Hong Zhou Moubin deliberately found that night, “Dad, today is my 18 birthday, what gift you give me” children reveal eager eyes watching my father. “Son, you are not reminded I forgot, your mother cruel, abandoned me.” Said father gingerly pulled out a small bag of stuff from her bosom. “What is this?!” “This is a good thing,” said, Zhou Hong Ma old drugs and methamphetamine use, the drug’s father a moment of excitement for a long time, also shamelessly in front of son talking about ideals. “Son, you have adults, to be obedient, to have a goal!” Then the father put drugs to his son, “18 today is your birthday, lacks a gift to you, send this to your taste”, son to resist drugs, drugs again, he knew that this guy was last October in his hands from my father tasted, therefore, subjected to punishment of public security organs. Just then, Zhou Li Mouping red another poison friends also came to noisy, smoke and be merry. Caught by the police until the next day.

During the Zhou red sons to be good people die-ghost-like education. Urine positive for three, three per capita own roast sucking suck Ma old and methamphetamine, the illegal confessed. At present, Li Mouping has compulsory isolation rehabilitation; Zhou Hong and Zhou Moubin has been held in administrative detention, community drug rehabilitation.

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