Father of child victims of melamine: disability rights NEET

In 2008, the girls victims of melamine-tainted milk powder incident, “stone baby” father Guo Li, intervene with the milk powder business the question of compensation is found by the Court of extortion and sentenced to 5 years.

On April 7, 2017, the Guangdong provincial higher people’s Court for a retrial in the case ruled that Guo Li revision innocence, can apply for national compensation.

In recent days, Guo Li an interview with CCTV reporters about 9 years experience.

Event review

Eating good milk daughter checked out double-kidney stones

In September 2008, the “mercy” was revealed some batches of milk powder products contained melamine. Guo Li because the daughter had eaten the brand milk powder, take my daughter to the hospital, results showed “visible within a few points of bilateral renal central collection system-echo”.

Zhihou, Guo Li will be left at home and the purchase of a new part of “mercy” brand milk powder testing, National Center for food quality and safety supervision and inspection reports, daughter consumption exceed the amount of mercy milk powder melamine 132 times.

Guo Li is proficient in German and English with simultaneous interpretation, and proficient in foreign languages, and have been keen to activist he, after investigations in the United States, found a more surprising Insider: known as the American brand, 100%, mercy is a fake foreign brand of imported milk, does not have the qualification of production in the United States, only an empty shell trademark. Subsequently, Guo Li several times to find vendors and good company claims and to the press.

Has reached a settlement to pay 400,000 claims 3 million are considered extortion

In June 2009, mercy admits is not foreign brands of milk powder, and apologized to the public. Time, Guo Li became sought after by the media’s rights hero. Yashili group coincided with the cover behind the holding company listed on June 13, then approach the companies reached a settlement with Guo Li, compensation of 400,000 yuan, Guo Li and abandon claims written materials that are no longer prosecuted.

On June 25, the Beijing television broadcast entitled a man, how to make “good” milk powder down reported, the main contents of Guo Li is reflected to the “good” problem.

On June 29, grace company and its controlling shareholder, Guangdong yashili companies to send their staff actively get in touch with Guo Li. In the communication process, Guo Li put forward demands compensation of 3 million Yuan. Yashili company Guo Li make excessive demands on its extortion was reported Guo Li was arrested.

In January 2010, chaoan County Court of first instance to extortion, sentenced Guo Li shall be sentenced to 5 years. The next month, in Chaozhou city, second trial ruling, Guo Li dismissed the appeals and upheld. In May of that year, the Guangdong High Court retrial decision, instruction in Chaozhou in the retrial.

In December of that year after a retrial in Chaozhou, a ruling upheld.

As always refused to plead guilty, Guo Li cannot be commuted, filled with 5 years in prison. Meanwhile, his wife and divorced him. His daughter, only in prison painting, painting his daughter’s appearance.

Released around prove innocent retry an acquittal

In 2014, Guo Li after his release from prison, and immediately start rights, he run in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places to find evidence.

Guo Li said insisted he rights the way alone so far, very important reason is that he has been “not guilty”. He thought he once confessed, was not entitled to rights again.

In Guo Li group efforts, in May 2015, the Guangdong Province High Court for this which is called “first case of melamine-tainted milk activist” case of the retrial decision. Guangdong Province High Court said trial judges unclear facts, insufficient evidence, decided directly by the Guangdong Provincial High Court arraignment proceeding.

Guangdong High Court retrial said occurred in the present case, the process of development, cannot yet be determined Guo Li acts of nature beyond the scope of civil disputes. Current evidence is insufficient to demonstrate that Guo Li has the intention of illegal possession of the property of others, are not enough to prove that Guo Li to commit racketeering acts. Judgment removal of the Chaozhou and chaoan County Court judge, overrules the trial acquitted defendant Guo Li. The presiding judge informed Guo Li to apply for State compensation in court.

While the opinion of the Court, then approach the company contacted Guo Li, Guo Li on the amount of compensation requested, in line with the characteristics of civil dispute resolved. Prosecutors said before: no matter how many claims were Guo Li in the exercise of the claimed right.

On August 8, 2016, sitting in the Guangdong Province High Court retrial of the case. No lawyer Guo Li, full to defend themselves. “I can’t afford a lawyer, but rights for so many years, I’ve got a lot of evidence for themselves. In court, I can put those recordings and recite the dialogue. “Guo Li said.

“Waiting for 9 years, only to say it is the truth, legal throughout the year. “After the verdict, said Guo Li, he will continue to work through legal channels to apply for State compensation, for their rights.

From the Court, Guo Li’s first telephone call to the mother, activist for nine years, my parents did not blame him less, but stay with him.

CDPF subsidies and keep pace with the times by the low life

Guo Li, in 2014 was released from prison, he was suffering from a leg of the peripheral nervous system injury, inconvenience walking, needs crutches. 5 years in prison, had been involved in simultaneous interpretation of Guo Li is outdated, smart phone he will not use, road directions also confused, the car always off at the wrong station.

Physical disabilities, sentencing resumes, and the strong desire of activist, Guo Li can’t find a job, there is no unit wanted him.

Guo Li said from prison and now he mainly by subsidies of the China disabled persons ‘ Federation, as well as Beijing’s low life, rights to spend money, only NEET, or invite a friend for support. Asked about future plans, Guo Li said he might apply for State compensation, in accordance with legal procedures step by step.

Guo Li’s mother is 76 years old, Guo Li 9 years of activist, had several seriously ill, had an operation. 78 year old father has blamed Guo Li “blackmail”, but now he says “did not adhere to the way many people, Guo Li is the insistence on their own today.”

Guo Li insisted that change is not only a piece of paper an acquittal, as well for him as a normal consumer rights affirmed in the melamine-tainted milk powder incident. In August 2016, held court in the case, the prosecution said in court: “under the Consumer Protection Act, the State shall encourage and support legal supervision of all acts damaging the interests of consumers. Mass media have the right to damage the consumer’s behavior to be revealed. Guo Li said to the press manufacturer shady means lawful and reasonable. ”

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