Father daughter to eat fried chicken is starving himself touched by users

Single father of a mild stroke, at fast-food restaurants watched 2 little girls eating fried chicken, his presence is nothing. This picture shows a father’s love in the Philippines moved a hundred thousand of users.

The great father is called alabuweibo (Ryan Arabuebo), 38 years old, live in Manila’s slums, because he suffered a mild stroke, but no way to receive treatment, he lost his wife and two daughters.

After his wife and left home to go to, alabuweibo and two daughters lived, now earning less than 200 pesos a day (about $4).

Alabuweibo can only live on street stalls, can only earn about 200 Philippine pesos per day (about $4), but he chose to sacrifice himself and earned money to daughters are happy to eat hamburgers and fried chicken.

Stand for alabuweibo.

Netizens after seeing this picture is very moving, commended the great father, Internet users have launched donation activities, with the enthusiastic response.

The Philippines Department of social welfare has also helped his father win 3 months free treatment and free medicine.

Now alabuweibo often receive a number of TV interviews, interviews, he said: “the days again will let the girls finish school, have a brighter future. ”

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