Fake LV “assembly line” stealth wholesale platform: no not the “brand name” package

The evening of March 7, Guangzhou City, Li (International) leather city, pull the drapes’s stall opened a crack, “running order” carrying black plastic bags containing high imitation designer handbags “strings.”

1688 website screenshots

On March 6, Baiyun leather city a stall selling high copy LV, the boss and four mobile phones and customer contact.

The evening of March 5, beautiful leather goods within the north side near the Kentucky Fried chicken and a “running order” described to reporters their fake LV samples, fake Coach bags.

“Running order” brought samples of fake LV, fake Coach bags, each with a “invoice” package “(including credit card bank receipts, shopping mall consumer small ticket and customs documentation).

“What you sent, and what I can do” while in sanyuanli in Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trading centre (referred to as Baiyun leather City), a “Pimp” with all due respect, in him, no not the “brand name” package.

In a chain of high imitation goods ordered online shopping, many leather goods wholesale market near the Baiyun leather city and play connection “on the line” and “below the line” key roles. On one hand, derivative, Taobao shop owners, purchasing from here get a LV, Gucci and other brands of high imitation goods; the other, a large number of factory of concealed in the social software, 1688, online fraud, through the leather in the city of “soliciting” and businesses “to order” business.

While the network platform and the local industrial and commercial departments to crack down on fake, from the 80 ‘s of last century formed white clouds high imitation leather city business district, is still able to break the siege, launched online and off covert operations. In 1688 Web search to brand-name manufacturers, also use code words.

1688 Web code word “order” high copy packages

Businesses through 1688 net “customized” high imitation, “donkey” implies that the fake LV.

Stephen Chow was a derivative with years of experience, in his view, derivative was a “product is character,” business. But CHOW is depressed, many times people mention derivatives, will make people think of HIV mask, purchasing, and all seems to be dubious of high imitation goods.

And Stephen Chow had the same feeling is not individual, Beijing News reporter on the Internet search for “micro-rot face”; “fakes” and other words, millions of information can be found. Even as many micro-purchase 1688 Web, also 200yuwantiao search results and fake “bundled” together.

Earlier this month, the Beijing News Reporter log on as derivative 1688 Web, the platform is the world’s largest purchasing wholesale Alibaba to create platforms, could find goods on Taobao, where almost all.

According to people familiar with the matter said, in this online platform, brand name high imitation goods had to use code words to search, such as “v l package”, “donkey” (LV), “sweet girl” (Chanel), counterfeit goods according to the different degree of simulation, using a “goods”, “Super-a cargo” to refer to.

High imitation Coach bag, for example, enter the code word “Kou homes handbag” to search for related products. After a search, nearly 30 products, including 22 products are printed on social software. On some images, social software, print position is also very clever, just cover the brand’s LOGO.

Business social software are also attached to the goods in detail because Alibaba shielding measures will be taken against keywords such as social software, on social software at the network names also varied.

“Most of us are branded original, original quality, are all words and LOGO of the world famous brand, you know! Many of the big-name models can’t upload, will be published on social software. Due to Ali’s ban, Ali wangwang will not reply, you have any questions contact v (micro) letter “, a shop in the pages of” tips “straight to the point.

However the platform contact number online, but almost no response, only one pop-up “do not reply, please contact social software”.

“Ali close, sealing the shops do? Ali sells fakes being caught permanently inaccessible “in 1688 who resolutely refused to screen trading, 1688 Web but in order to attract more customers, the product details, read:” Jiawei (micro) friends note in Ali’s clients, customer first packages Ali post “.

Within a few days, reporters in 1688 on the Web, adding more than more than 20 social software, they said they are selling “high copy” bag of merchants, and can look like “customized.”

Even added a business social software, also use code words, “how much money, prices” apply “what” instead of, “post”, “oil”. Businesses will also “above,” and “next number” apart, avoid the risk of social software titles.

From being checked, fake transfer social software deals

1688 Web, social software, such as Taobao multi-channel trading goods in the subway station.

After many setbacks, Beijing news reporters to micro-business identity and contact shangtanfei. In 1688 Web, Tan Fei Open House called “Guangzhou secure leather limited” online shop, his brother-in-law Yi Wei in 1688, online “friends of Sheng Li leather factory”, “Lin leather” stores.

Beijing News reporter found that regardless of Tan Fei Yi Wei’s shop, in 1688, online transactions are at “0”. “Now found, that interest for the Ali and to troubleshoot” this Yi Wei explains that he and Tan Fei sell designer handbags are enough real ones “a cargo” with customers before the first transaction will be completed in 1688, online, now on social software transactions instead.

Tan Fei introduced in 1688 Web shop platform visibility, as the window display, only 22 of his shop items, product details displayed as: “Kiss, some unnecessary here to say the truth, the reason is very simple, you know better than me, this bag is the LOGO, is the distinctive name brands that you want. Vera (micro). ”

Tan Fei Yi Wei used to deal with clients, is that they open 9, social software, friends of those social software is also used to showcase their high imitation goods such as LV for sale, also trained in customer service to help take care of.

On March 7, the reporter also contacted one businessman Huang Hsin in 1688, online shop, in Exchange for money and goods of the order caused a dispute.

After several rounds of consultations, Huang Xin said it also has an online shop in Taobao, and social software can deal, “deal is not assured for the first time, we can treasure”, and social software of Taobao shop link. Reporter eventually to pay a deposit, then look after each other goods determined about a subway station look, “for fear of being caught.”

The night of March 12, a reporter in Taobao search “love Gucci bag purchase” of this world has been discontinued, there are still more than 10 than purchasing, four of them in stock.

A price 14820 shops that purchase from France, is authentic when received “is clear”. Another price 1395 shop duty free counter from Hong Kong residents, rush sale 40 percent sales support counter inspection and QR code scanning. There are also businesses and social software, then with all due respect, is the “Super-a cargo”, counters with the same quality and is cheaper.

Leather city “running order” double identity

Leather around the city “running order” day night, delivering high imitation products; customers need checking, social software.

Shop owners another identity of Tan Fei, Guangzhou San Yuan Li Li (International) leather goods (referred to as Yue Lai leather City) one of “running order”.

March 6 at 7 o’clock, Guangzhou Li leather city closed the main entrance, South side shop selling cartons, but continued to hold his large black bags in and out. Door almost only by, people in and out of the door, immediately flashed his side, black plastic bags containing high imitation goods rattle in the collision, as long as not been knocked, no one stopped.

More than 30 years of Tan Fei is the “running order” one of his delivery stalls in leather city, 4/f. Although the stalls also have a shelf, but did not display any bags, and more than 10 square meters of the House, wrote several large black bags just occupies most of the space. Stall drapes covered up for glass doors, customers come in and pick, check social software.

Almost every stall is that, after a crowded, the corridor will box with discarded plastic bags and left. It’s hard to imagine, leather City almost see people during the day, each stall door locked and can only faintly see individual stalls the curtain bag on the shelf. Part social software and there are signs in front of stalls QR, others only building to mark his presence.

“Do you want to order, do not contact me before 10 o’clock in the morning, I’m generally busy till midnight, morning can’t get up at all. “Guangzhou 45 Tan Fei’s biological clock has been disrupted, in addition to delivery, he’s still social software orders.

Factories, according to Tan Fei, said “four or five-hour drive from leather city”, some “running order” do not know where the factory. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon every day, from factory delivery to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the stalls.

Leather outside, and people can see many hands carrying a black bag. The night of March 6, in beautiful leather city junction on the South side, parked 3 van. Open trunk, which ran the vehicle identification number, telephone number, social software, and carrying a black bag left over, similarly to a number of cargo or cargo on the car again.

“This is changing products, who is short of what one can adjust to each other”, Tan Fei introduces at the intersection seems to be exposed to everyone in sight, but also the safest. “Get a warehouse transfer cargo to trouble, was found to evidence. ”

In leather City North of the Kentucky Fried chicken is also a place of traded goods, in the evening, almost at the foot of each table, there is a black plastic bag. Look, small is better, shoot videos, hilarious scenes similar to the Zhongguancun Café.

“Soliciting” string overseas purchasing offline businesses

Shops hidden in residential buildings, replete with fake brand-name, friends pictures orders.

300 m south from the beautiful leather city, Baiyun leather city. High imitation goods traded during the day, another scene.

Enter leather city, was next to go, whispered in my ear and asked: “do you want to see? High imitation bags “, a slight hesitation, the other pulled out his business card, and took them to the goods.

These are known as “soliciting” who take customers to the stores were located in residential buildings. In a bedroom renovation shops, you can see high copy LV, Prada, Gucci, and Burberry, and Coach, Chanel etc “name brand”.

“Solicit” does not leave after entering, accompany to shop. Shop assistant in the store busy, away from new customers in the store at all. After the inquiry, Assistant beat out prices on a calculator, turn to other customers of the service.

An “soliciting” said that due to the different retail and wholesale prices, using a calculator shows prices are fears heard by different categories of customers. Selling a bag, they can get dozens of royalty.

By contrast, “soliciting” who are willing to serve overseas customers. “They don’t ask much, comparison, quality can be concluded soon”, according to reports, after purchasing goods from abroad and then back to increase sales in their respective countries. Reporters noticed that a South Korean man bought a large bag full, pay the money and leave.

Compared with the hot scene on the House floor, leather stalls customers inside the city. Stalls can only put LOGO missing “Tabula Rasa”, unable to see the spot, want to see more styles and business social software.

Despite the leather around the city to erect warning notices: “be careful ‘ soliciting ‘ mislead you to malls to buy fake designer bags, recently, residential property transactions have occurred outside the Mall more than blackmail, extortion, robbery and other criminal acts”, but the customer wants to find more cargo, along with “solicitation”.

“Overseas residents”, “original”, “goods”, “1:1”, in these markets, including classification of people scratching their heads. Shop “over a cargo”, another is “upgraded version of the original”, whose sound is closer to the real thing, and every major brand shops say they have, you can get.

Want to see more goods and “soliciting” social software, see friends pictures of goods ordered. After ordering, soliciting can also help by mail.

Derivative under the cover of “fraud factory”

Baiyun leather city some businesses “shop in front and factory”, high imitation goods attached invoice, customs declaration form.

1688 Web shows, social software and Taobao trading, wholesale market took these high imitation goods, produced how?

Baiyun leather city phase II a stall owner Yun, directly in their stalls laid out a homemade high imitation “spot”. Yun mainly produce high copy LV bags. Classic, fashion, hundreds of different sizes of bags filled with shelves inside the House. Hear the reporters to do wholesale, Yun said several times: “you came to the right place.”

Yun family factory, she was openly talked about their history the plant opened, 66 books help people sell package 2004 work by myself, factories had no workers, she had made herself, Chartered’s hand could not lift it.

“I have spent hundreds of thousands of school experience. Factories lost by just more than 400,000, bought back pack again, open Edition, tens of thousands of. Metal, leather, fabric, lining, different plants do, otherwise how can copy exactly? ”

“I only did high copy LV presbyopia, never out of date. Fashion in respect to other plants do. Also let the other factory, must meet the requirement…… “but for the quality of calls, Yun said he also dizzy, and she only has two price goods,” what price I’ll give you what price you. ” Reporters found that Yun’s clients come from all over the world, was almost entirely filled by 4 social software customers.

“You look at this book let me send Dubai, foreigners from purchasing back here to sell. “Yun reading less, but to foreign customers in the restaurant, she is able to communicate in English.

Yun likes to use the Notes client, she pointed to social software showed reporters, “XI ‘ an, Wuhan, these cities have two or three lines, they opened a store, a package with more than 1000 Yuan, absolutely sold out.”

Tan Fei told reporters in Guangzhou, LV counterfeiting technology of the most skillful, “goods”, need which can be customized, other brands may transfer goods.

High LV latest chick-like shell, top goods 1380, 4 day shipping also has customs import declarations, UnionPay, store receipts and purchase invoices, invoice showing that the bag 12800, purchased from the landmark of Hong Kong. “If you sell to customers, if not required, don’t give him these, purchasing does not provide receipts. “Tan Fei told road.

Top goods with genuine, seen from the handle, metal, wire, generally it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Reporter Yi Wei buy GUCCI love Pack, the top 800 of goods. Counter said the company provided, unable to provide differential services. Accreditation bodies are only from invoice style and internal serial number determined as fake.

Fake “dark war” still in the game

High copy commodity derivatives packaging, false documents and other “industrial”; combat have not been banned multiple times.

High imitation goods led to a series of false “industry”, part of the wholesale market also formed “high imitation of CCP”.

Baiyun leather City South Gate with a packaging store, the original product packaging, paper bags, boxes are free to match. Purchase invoices, store consumer small ticket per 3, 2 each customs check mobile phone scanning QR code, the displayed shipping, price, brand, a shopping mall, also can be “custom”. Leather around the city, and sent to France, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other places of the international logistics company to get a. At six or seven o’clock every night, leather City South of domestic logistics stall cartons scattered, bag sealing tape “hiss” sound.

As early as 2012, there is media coverage, Baiyun leather City continue to upgrade, to Polish the Guangzhou “leather card signs reading” removing “a cargo distribution center” of this label.

On May 15 last year, with Gucci (Gucci), St Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) luxury brands such as French kaiyun group through Alibaba group indicted in Manhattan Federal Court in New York, arguing that it condoned the sale on their own e-commerce platform.

In September, the investigative team scattered in Guangzhou, Guangzhou 4 groups in different regions of the consolidated net action, seizure of counterfeit leather production line 2 and lots of leather, and a variety of more than 6,000 pieces of fake LV products, semi-finished products, such as “value” near billion. Police investigation also found that these groups in the Middle East Dubai warehouse, sales houses, suspects 2, checking suspected fake LV, CK, counterfeit luxury items more than 60,000 pieces.

But a series of governance and combat, did not make high imitation goods banned in the market.

The night of March 7, Beijing News reporter-Yun once again look, and want to order several packages. Yun shouted: “you came early and I couldn’t open the door, somebody today.” That night, Yun did not drift off in-store lamp, lamp only for customer delivery. To more than 7 points, the store man suddenly walked in and said the word in dialect, Yun immediately turned off the lights, and press a way “to run without payment, again tomorrow.”

But Yun has not stopped, door-to-door cargo, cargo’s customers are still coming.

(Zhou XING, Tan Fei, Yi Wei, Huang Xin, Yun into aliases)

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